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This is such a good movement: I hadn't seen any English reports on this but its too good not to So right now there are pretty crazy right-wing nationalist sexists in Japan. They're dressing up in WWIl military outfits, they're standing outside of Korean schools (in Japan) shouting that Koreans should be killed, and just generally being horrible human beings. For reasons unknown, the Japanese police haven't done anything to stop them, and when people get physical with the right-wingers and a fight breaks out, it's not the right-wing people who get punished. Enter: the Yakuza Yakuza, for those who don't know, is the name for the world of Japanese gangs, commonly known for being covered in tattoos. A few retired yakuza members (most of whom are notoriously and vocally conservative) got tired of this extreme right wing BS. They believe that picking on people who are weaker than you, like the children at the Korean schools or refugees, is embarrassing, and not something to be proud of. They want these right wingers to man up (the group is almost entirely men) These old retired yakuzas start showing up at the right wing protests and intimidate the hell out of these guys. When they feel like it, they'll use physical force too. The police don't mess with the yakuza so these right wing protesters become human punching bags. All their talk of killing Koreans or their superiority to just about everyone flies out the window when these gangsters roll up. It started with only one or two yakuza who were bored and fed up, but more and more started to come. They started training in boxing and street fighting, and wouldn't you know it... the number of right wing protesters got less and less. Then, people of other walks of life joined in too. With the yakuza throwing the police off professors could join by writing about the issues profusely. Suddenly a ton of otakus joined too, using their art and community to protest. They'd show up in droves and stand behind the muscle (yakuza) and make a ton of noise. They literally staged an "otakus against racists" rally TAKU AGAINST Slowly, the protests have seen the right wing attendance drop more and more and I am living for these "manly men" being trashed by retired gangsters and fans of Love Live. In conclusion First, I'd like the extreme right wing to gtfo Second, l'd like a manga, then an anime, about these yakuza who befriended professors and otakus to fight neo-nazis. K? cool. 50,371 notes お兄ちゃん This is such a good movement

This is such a good movement