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Amazon, Facebook, and Family: Agriculture Nature bogleech: revretch: awed-frog: Prairies are some of the most endangered ecosystems in the world, with the tallgrass prairie being the most endangered. Only 1-4% of tallgrass prairie still exists. Prairies are critically important, not only for the unique biodiversity they possess, but for their effect on climate. The ability to store carbon is a valuable ecological service in today’s changing climate. Carbon, which is emitted both naturally and by human activities such as burning coal to create electricity, is a greenhouse gas that is increasing in the Earth’s atmosphere. Reports from the International Panel on Climate Change, a group of more than 2,000 climate scientists from around the world, agree that increased greenhouse gases are causing climate change, which is leading to sea level rise, higher temperatures, and altered rain patterns. Most of the prairie’s carbon sequestration happens below ground, where prairie roots can dig into the soil to depths up to 15 feet and more. Prairies can store much more carbon below ground than a forest can store above ground. In fact, the prairie was once the largest carbon sink in the world-much bigger than the Amazon rainforest-and its destruction has had devastating effects. [source] I just have to add–that extensive root system? It’s not just how the plant eats, and how it keeps itself from getting pulled out of the ground during storms, or dying when its aboveground portion is eaten… it’s how it talks to its friends and family, how it shares food with its friends and family, and more than likely, how it thinks. That’s a whole plant brain we’ve domesticated away, leaving a helpless organism that has trouble figuring out when it’s under attack by pests, what to do about it, has very little in the way of chemical defense so it can do something about it, and can’t even warn its neighbors. Even apart from the ecological concerns, what we’ve done is honestly pretty cruel. Here’s some more articles on this too!https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/may/02/plants-talk-to-each-other-through-their-rootshttp://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20141111-plants-have-a-hidden-internethttps://www.the-scientist.com/features/plant-talk-38209Whether or not you think this should qualify as a form of “intelligence” as we know it (which in itself as a pretty nebulous and poorly defined thing), plants exhibit complicated interactive behaviors that help them grow and thrive, and the way we harvest a lot of them for our produce just doesn’t even give them a chance to reach their maturity and begin trading nutrients the way they’re supposed to.

bogleech: revretch: awed-frog: Prairies are some of the most endangered ecosystems in the world, with the tallgrass prairie being the mo...

Run, You, and Iam: IAM ROOT! When you try to run a command as sudo but it says permission denied

When you try to run a command as sudo but it says permission denied

Bad, Children, and Crime: MAGA means bigotry MAGA means racism MAGA means homophobia MAGA means anti-semitism MAGA means divisiveness Hate crimes are on the rise because the tone is set from the top and Trump's tone is, "there are good people on both sides." Prayers to #JussieSmollett. La communalconcubine: tehgore: friendly-neighborhood-patriarch: libertarirynn: Too bad more and more of these “hate crimes“ are proven hoaxes. Will y’all ever learn to at least spend two seconds critically thinking about something before swallowing it as fact because “orange man bad”? That was a rhetorical question. MAGA MEANS ANY BAD THING EVER. MAGA IS MY SECULAR SUBSTITUTE FOR LITERAL SATAN If men were paid enough more women could stay home and be happy wives. Instead we all work and scrape by living as wage slaves, some unable to support kids and lead a full life.If we were allowed to talk about crime rates like how 13% of the population does about 55% of the violent crime we could talk about solutions; instead we pretend egalitarianism is good, deny reality, and create an unsafe society.Most gay people were victimized as children and many go on to victimize more children, much (not all) of this is learned behavior. Instead of protecting our children and enforcing some level of moral behavior we have pride parades and child drag queens.Jews…Globalist bankers who ruin countries, pornographers, drug pushers like the Sacklers, the root of Bolshevism AND Capitalism, a people who hate and subvert anything they can’t corrupt and enslave. Their behavior is always the same everywhere they are and in every time period in which they are studied. Blindness to their nature enables them to harm the entire world.Who built the most successful nations on Earth and who came later? What race of people is not allowed a country of their own?  What is the ONLY race of people not allowed to advocate for themselves? Who is discriminated against in schools and the workplace by institutionalized power? Diversity means we ALWAYS needs less of a certain specific race of people and more or ANYTHING else who suffers? Whites need their own space. Rading through this wall of text and finding, “jews… globlist bankers who own countries” This post went off the rails like the old 97

communalconcubine: tehgore: friendly-neighborhood-patriarch: libertarirynn: Too bad more and more of these “hate crimes“ are proven hoaxes...

Children, Dad, and Facts: dare-i-say-asexual Can we please be the generation that stops putting up with the family child molester? The grown uncle who dates teenage girls, the husband who makes uncomfortable comments about young women's clothing, or the cousin who raises red flags with their behavior towards children but no one wants to talk about all need to go Children, especially young women, are expected to "keep the family together" by not making a fuss over incredibly traumatic behavior Children don't deserve to suffer trauma for adults' feelings of togetherness. They're more worthy of protection than predators. A healthy family is not built on the backs of abuse survivors expected to live their lives in silence without justice, support, or protection baamilk * to-Price ladyfatmouse We are that's why a lot of the generations before us don't like us clarknokent Facts, as call them out on their shit soon as we find out. Or let it be known that we not going to stuff they're gonna be at yourunclesatan one other thing don't limit your vigilance to men. female abusers almost never get caught, reported, or even spoken of. i never got help because everybody assumed that a mother was incapable of sexually abusing her own kids. nobody was looking out for me or my brothers and if they had been, they would have automatically suspected my dad who never lifted a finger to harm us. the nurturing gentle woman stereotype/gender role held in place by sexism allows abusers to get away with everything - don't buy into it and don't assume that women can't be abusers too root out every abuser in your family, even if they 're women. Source: dare-i-say-asexual 32,544 notes Dec 6th, 2018 A call to action, for holiday family gatherings and beyond
Advice, Animals, and Arthur: ATANISM represents kindness to those who de serve it instead of love wasted on ingrates! You cannot love everyone; it is ridiculous to think you can. If you love everyone and everything you lose your natural powers of selection and wind up being a pretty poor judge of character and quality. If anything is used too freely it loses its true meaning. Therefore, the Satanist believes you should love strongly and com pletely chose who deserve your love, but never turn the other cheek to your enemy! Love is one of the moet nt highrankingdemoness: the-vampire-inside-me: ficcyshit: imaginetheavengers: 1w1wbigher06fan: mistresserycinae: ciceroll: paradiseofthemindd: lekswinterisdyslexic: danplasmius: gender-ikari: harpyholidays: bookerdewitt: antique-arthur: the-fact-rat: The more I learn about Satanism, the less horrendous it seems. Not even kidding. That’s cause non-theistic Satanism is more about worshipping yourself and sorta treating others how you want to be treated etc hail satan satanism is actually really solid like the Fifth Satanic Rule of the Earth says not to make sexual advances unless you are given consent  satan seems like a pretty nice guy This week on “I didn’t know I was a Satanist” Wait till you hear the Nine Satanic Sins 1. Stupidity 2. Pretentiousness 3. Solipsism 4. Self-deceit 5. Herd conformity 6. Lack of perspective 7. Forgetfulness of past orthodoxies 8. Counterproductive pride 9. Lack of aesthetics That’s right. If you ain’t got no style, you be sinning. *converts to Satanism* it mentioned a rule above, but i havent seen the rest of the satanic rules posted here, so… 1: Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked 2: Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them 3: When in another’s home, show them respect or else do not go there 4: If a guest in your home annoys you, treat them cruelly and without mercy 5: Do not make sexual advantages unless you are given the mating signal 6: Do not take which does not belong to you, unless it is a burden to the other person and they cry out to be relieved 7: Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it to successfully obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will loose all you have obtained. 8: Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself. 9: Do not harm young children. 10: Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food. 11: When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask them to stop. If they do not stop, destroy them. Today in ‘Shit, lets be Satan.’ I’m a catholic christian but this made more sense than some of the stuff in the bible does! I don’t usually post things like this on my blog but I thought it’d be important for people to know that: Satanists DO NOT worship Satan. “Satan” is the latin root for “the one whom opposes”. The name was purposlly chosen to piss off Christians. Satanists are opposed to everything religious, which means that they do not believe in God, therefore, they do not believe in Satan either. The misconceptions of Satanism come from the movies where you see people sacrificing goats and all that stuff, but it is not true. I have read the Satanic Bible. I can assure you that they do not believe in anything religious. Throwing this back up here because I’m thinking about leading with it at the family reunion. wow it’s kinda like perking your head outside a window they always told you would be dangerous, and instead… you find only another view, interesting If only history was not view from the winners who wanted to push thier way on every One as right and not just law we have alot more intresting religions in the public and not just misinformation