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Bored, Family, and Friends: Velma Full name: Velma Din kley Age: 15 Hair: Tomboy Brown Height: 4'9" Weight: 95 lbs. Eyes: Not so good Dress: Cowl-neck sweater, pleated skirt, knee socks, Mary-Janes, black horn-rimmed glasses Ambition: To get into MENSA Likes: Science, logic puzzles, mysteries Dislikes: Being so young StowBY-OrN Fred Full name: Fred Jones Friends call him Freddy Age: 17 Hair: Blonde Height: 5'11" Weight: 185 lbs. (all muscle) Eyes: Keen Dress: Sweater ascot, slacks, monk boots Ambition: To be a successful inventor Likes A challenge Dislikes: Phony spirits paphne Pull nam Daphne Blake AgoSweet 16 Hair: Perfect Hei 5'7" W 115 lbs. Eyes Beguiling ress: Purple knit dress with matching (of course) hairband and shoes, lime green scarf, pink stockings mbition: To be a famous mystery writer LIROS Solving mysteries, looking good Being bored StwBY O! dirdbub: bvcknsteve: yipyap: suga-were-going-down: susanofficial: nekommunism: snowflake-owl: williamdewey: it says shaggy has absolutely no ambitiom whatsoever. even ghe damned dog has some sort of life goal and he wants to eat dog treats for the rest of eternity. shaggy doesnt give a Fuckk. fun Scoobe-Doo™ trivia for the whole family: shaggy is a fucking nihilist Scooby Doo is middle aged. anyone gonna acknowlege that scooby’s real name is canonically scoobert scooby doo doesnt have that much time left shaggys real name is norville and nobody is giving a fuck what the fuck is tomboy brown Eyes: not so good Weight: 185 lbs. (all muscle)