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sandler: It was a gorgeous Thursday afternoon and like any Thursday I have free I chased the sun. Today it was to the totes beautiful Vista park in Davie. GORGEOUS panoramic views of Weston ish LP Long exhale. You get the jist gorgeous. And as much as I want to continue telling you how the soil smelt fresh with dew, the trees warm, the wood benches the complete opposite of scorching, this is not that story. This is a story that I could only have observed because of perfect timing. And a piss poor polish of my left spectacle. Well, here it is. While I walked on a downsloped west facing hill, to get this picture, I stopped for a moment to take in natures bounty. This may be nutures beauty as the hills are tens of years result of thousands of trash mounds that has been renovated and rebranded as one of the highest points in the south and great for social media. Hastag so kewl The picture is snapped. I'm about to go because duh, its a sunset. It'll happen tomorrow when i heard "ahhhhhh ahhhh ohhhh my god. Stacy! Fuck. Its everywhere. What the fuck! Get the wipes!" Now I can't blatantly look at whats going on. thanks to the beautiful sun setting the smudge on my glasses is giving a reflection of the two girls. I use this moment to take the glasses off and clean them away from the sun, in sight and ear shot. There's one in jean coveralls. She is, while laughing, using wet wipes AS A GLOVE to clean strings of wet gum off the other girls shoe, blanket and grass. It looks like a shoddy Halloween web. The other girl, in a summer dress craddles a new baby and is almost in tears sputtering expletives at the newly chomped and spit away white gum piece. Pieces? Its everywhere. The girl in coveralls is saying it will be okay while sundress is explaining her deep seated disdain for the herbaceous tongue tantalizer. "Please get all of it! I cant have i3r on here" "Dude its k, you can clean the blanket when you get home" It then comes out the baby daddy is majorly particular about his OCD and gum is high in his hit list. I almost lose their convo as I was deep thought about why the new parents hate the cow mimicking aid but was abruptly pulled back in with the screeching of "Stacy!!! Ugh its still on my shoes. My wedding sneakers!!!!!" She puts the baby down on blanket and THROWS BOTH THE DIAPER AND BOTTLE BAG. Like 3 meters. Who has a seperate bottle bag anyhow? Coveralls picks up the baby and takes another picture. I turn away hoping she doesn't realize my lurking. She doesnt seem to register me. "I'm sorry. I just get really frustrated with gum. I'm not cleaning that She references a wad of wet wipes. Covered in gum pieces in the grass. Wet wipes. The culprit of fatbergs. Smdh Coveralls shakes her head too and with the infant picks up the wipes and walks twevle feet to the garbage. Coveralls puts the baby back on the blanket and has doing so RIPS her pants. You could hear the tare over the approaching airplanes. Over any screech. I SWEAR THE SUN STOPPED SETTING And like any Adam Sandler movie Sundress began to laugh, Coveralls got all the gum off the belongings and the 3 of them promised to never tell daddy. So I guess the four of us promised. Best sunset ever.