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Obscene and Absurd - Gallery | eBaum's World: ZOIDBERG'S "YOUR MEME IS BAD, AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD" GUIDE TO MEMEing LESSON ONE: "Look At All These Fucks I Give" LOOK AT ALL THE FUCKS I GIVE The hardest meme to get right because memes are literal and do not use sarcasm. Sarcasm is harder to uses sarcasm. Most write, and is the reason you fuckers keep getting this wrong and the reason you should feel bad. What i sarcasm? WAU THEREARE NO FUCKS! Even though Maria is saying "look at all the fucks I give" it is the total lack of "fucks" in the picture that is saying that she actually does not give "a fuck". This is what sarcasm is, saying one thing to mean another. Maria may not give a fuck, but Zoid berg does, and you should feel bad. Here is an example of someone who needs to feel bad... LOOK AT ALL THE MONEY 1-DONT HAVE There is no money in the picture, this makes an effective double- negative: "look at all the no money that I do not have". The meme is bad, and this person should feel bad. Here is the meme as intended... LOOK AT ALL THE MONEY I HAVE .see the difference? really easy, write this meme as if Maria has plenty of the whatever it is you actually have none of; fucks, money, clue... be creative! Points to remember 1. it is the lack of something in the picture ("fucks" for example) that creates sarcasm, which is the purpose of this meme 2. Write this as if there is lot of whatever there is actually none of LOOKATALL THE FUCKERS WHO GET THIS MEMERIGHT ...got the idea? now STOP FUCKING IT UP! Obscene and Absurd - Gallery | eBaum's World