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Being Rich, Bored, and Crazy: rudging approv- New York. But Donald Trump gives me a slight hope. He makes things happen. When he is Nazareth to "sell all your goods and give them to the poor."And I confess, I don't unde nderstand all of those out there wai ing, hoping for his crash. Here is Trump at a dinner party There you have it! Donald Trump isn't ready to be "saved" yet the First Lady. A major media star thanks him He's a mere 41. He only just arrived at the top; he's going to keep tion to Mar-a-Lago, apologizing that he can't accept becaus ifying, of a conflict of interest. "You see, someday I sfying, and consolidating Donald Trump and REFRESHING TO FIND A RICH PERSON WHO ISN'T PRE ald stands, puzzled, quiet, almost baffled. His expressive p- blond eyebrows ris he seems to be asking, "What? crass and vulgar when it come ubject known to the average man and woman in 1988: most ruth money. Trump has made a more than he probably has, and lives in a style that even behave as he does, brag, talk the same week, over di the R.& C.T., "A man can't endlessly of his financial con he knows approac cartu. To Donald, i's all so quests, exhibit arrogance and chutzpa without riding for a Must he self-destruct, like Ca f hubris, waved his fist and cried, "Now not eve Zeu THE MOST THINGS WHEN BECAUSE HIS BUILDINGS AND HIS BOOK AND HIS EGO ARE SO MUCH BIGGER THAN LIFE en r Donald t has never occurred to him that BY LIZ SMITH use he almost never utters a sen HE SMOKED, DONALD TRUMP woUlD where he is a great bluffer and poker don't care if 99 percent think the ogrammed wit how he managed to get hero in Atlas Shrugged. Trump is the the unctuous, morals offered by the menda witted owners who were dumber more naive, or needie nally matures, gets used to being rich, discovers there is more to the conserva far-unlike Howard Roark in The Fountain head-Trump has shown n Donald's bragging is New York “given." like Brooke As with sycophants, grows bored with merely making m anything he has built simply because of he is-as real, as self-invol sopyot ho lae e Danmh HE THE PERFECe eayer tlcpo to more impag OF COMPETITION-STRIvING, EL- and surives, then I aticipate a BOWING, GETTING, FLAUNTING? veritable orgy of eventual real phi- (Donald might indeed dynamite a building, but bigger than you and wan r Tinkertoys. "To Trump Trump says he is ho spend all the money ($27 bearish New Yorkers, to the hoity-toity and hoi half riverboat gamble polloi. They seem t measure. Some form egocentric, good-looking he his autograph while others just can't scoff mire him; the brainy ones who criticize every- thing more substantial, seeking more urgent agendas to sell him Mar-a-Lago, by first buying the beach rights for $2- hyperactive body and mind-even dev million and threatening to put up a hideous buildin own at the ocean's edge, is-to him-simply delightful dinner grows up? All he has to do is someday wake from his dream of and deplore him, saying he stands ower, and society observe him with maybe Trump will burst Mammon yet produced wa How can we really fault him? For isn't he the perfect synthe- sine in his red-and-blue underwear. The S on his chest won't "Why?" ask his rabid, exasperated detrac word, or the S word with sl many exaggerators, perhaps he bends the truth ing Trump this city's biggest target. He'll go ta showing off, getting, and flaunting it? And isn't he spreading it around? Am I crazy, or did this young man attack a paralyzed, road to Damascus. Not "struck down" but changed stultified New York bureaucracy and give commerce, con- from Saul to Paul of provision for the homeless, the m waiting for Trump to be struck like Saul on the the bein ocratic capitalism, how can you hate Donald Trump? He em- disi the tes, redistributes wealth, One reason I like Donald Trump is that he reminds me r really big stars of the stage and screen are long gone, Don ays when they knew the world was curred to Trump to keep hi think that's good-straightforward, frank, and yammering about "giving something back to ald and Ivana are the new, true superstars, taking up where how egot ckie and Ari and Liz and Dick left off. The masses wa Of course, Trump does give plenty t rs. Donald Trump has a soft wool bleeding-heart liberal in a crumbling city stagnant with someda Liz Smith is a syndicated columnist and appears regularly on seemingly unselvable problems, I had just bout given up on meday Iil hear that when ITm standing in the White ie 114 NEW YORK/APRIL 25, 1988