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Turning ghosting in my favor: Sammi Thursday 11:51 AM Gimme a topic and I'll come up with a witty pick up line for it Or it'll be terrible, but then you can send it to your friends and laugh about it Thursday 12:24 PM That will be perfect Ummmm cereal! Thursday 1:14 PM You must be a bowl of cheerios because you are making my heart feel better already Tuesday 9:44 AM Ah so it was terrible That was actually cute. Idk why I didn't reply Tuesday 1:00 PM Was it cause you didnt want to make awkward small talk after? BECAUSE WE CAN DO BIG TALK IF THATS YOUR THING Tuesday 10:44 PM WHY DO YOU HAVE THE CUTEST THINGS TO SAY BECAUSE CUTE PEOPLE BRING OUT THE CUTE THINGS IN ME Not gonna lie you're like my top tinder guy now. You're SO smooth Tuesday 11:02 PM I'd like to suggest limbo for a date. That way I can lower the bar and continue to exceed expectations Tuesday 11:57 PM How about a baseball game? You're making a lot of homeruns with your puns and you're a real catch. Also, yet haven't had a strikeout yet in my opinion Today 2.14 AM What about going bowling? I know we're avoiding strikes but we'll have to make an exception because you're a serious 10/10. I'd say an 11/10 for the ability to send one back my way but that'd break the scoring system Today 9:47 AM I don't mean to drive you batty with all of the date suggestions... but a haunted house may be better. The way you can come up with all of these is quite frightening. Also l'd rather be scared by the ghouls in the haunted house than being ghosted by you. Today 10:03 AM A haunted house with you would be a frighteningly good time. Fear not about ghosts, the only ghosting I intend to do is calling you "boo". Today 11:31 AM I'm dead hence why you're calling me "boo" Before you die, can I grab your number?? Today 1:44 PM :) Type a message... GIF Turning ghosting in my favor

Turning ghosting in my favor

I see his robot as an absolute win: What is the funniest loophole you have ever seen? Kevin Yue, studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology When I was in school, they held a robotics competition. It was pretty simple, conceptually. You had to make a firefighting robot. It would have to navigate a maze, find a candle and put it out (fully automated, no remote control). I can't remember the exact size but I think the robot had to be smaller than 1 foot in length, width, and height Scoring was as follows. You start with your time (how long it takes to search every room and put out the candle), and get deductions (bonus points) if your robot: Put out the candle with anything other than a fan (water, for instance) Searched every room, didn't just stop at the one with the candle Could separate into parts to search rooms in parallel Operated on very little code (there were a few benchmarks for this) I entered a block of dry ice: It basically just had a spring-powered hammer to shatter it into little pieces when the start timer went (so that it would evaporate faster) It basically just had a spring-powered hammer to shatter it into little pieces when the start timer went (so that it would evaporate faster) In seconds the entire maze was filled with a white fog and the candle was definitely out. I had the fastest time by a landslide even before you counted my deductions: Didn't use a fan? Check Search every room? Check Separate into parts to put out fires in parallel? Check I think I could've been the only person in history to ever win a robotics competition without writinga single line of code or soldering a single wire. But alas, the judges disqualified me by unanimous vote. WHY ARE YOU BOOING ME? I'M RIGHT I see his robot as an absolute win

I see his robot as an absolute win