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Ass, Journey, and Life: 207 7 years apart Same place Same Girl but such a different girl at the same time. 💯🙌♥ ▪ ▪ ➡2010 I had already lost about 80 lbs here. Barely could make it through half the zoo.🙁😣 ➡2012 -272 lbs so I was around 188 close to my smallest of 180lbs and though I define try made it round the zoo and had lost all my weight I wasn't "happy" here. I was doing hours of cardio a week and no yoga. I was doing weight training but not like today. ➡2017 currently at 206lbs teaching body pump twice a week body flow three times a week and taking hot yoga any chance I can as well as hiking and combat and CXWORX and anything else I can do involving sweating and fitness💯💯💯🙌🙌🙌🙌 ▪ ▪ What do you notice (besides my ass lol) that's most different...for my it's my face. My smile my eyes I see the light in them now the peace the determination. I had it before but it's easy to get caught up in a number and not how you feel. I no longer am that woman. I aim for health AND sexiness lol. I aim for peace and constant improvement of my mind body and soul.❤❤❤ NEVER GIVE UP MY WARRIORS Love you guys💜💖💚 @unendingbattle ⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋ For those who are new to my journey I followed @weightwatchers for four years and added fitness to my daily life. Now I'm addicted. For more on my journey please check out my page @unendingbattle ⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋ ⚠⚠⚠Anyone interested in donating to my Excess skin removal surgery 😓 ➡➡➡http:-www.gofundme.com-unendingbattle ⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋ shesquats instadaily weightlosstransformation weightloss transformation inspire bodypositivefitness inspiration yoga keepgoing nevergiveup losingweight fitness excessskin plasticsurgery girlswholift strongoverskinny strength yogi yogiintraining LoveYourSelf strongnotskinny progressnotperfection fitchick fitnessinspiration lesmills BodyPump beforeandafter unendingbattle