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Blowjob, Desperate, and Driving: r/MGTOW Posted by 9-4h "Can you please come and get me??" A little history first. About 2 years ago, a VERY hot girl, I'm talking 10/10 at the gym approached me and started talking to me. First woman to do so in years. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. She noticed I was in a bit a pain of and said she was a licensed massage therapist. We talked a little about that, and then a few minutes into the conversation, she asks why I'm single, am I ever going to get married, the usual questions. When I tell her I'm single, no plans on marriage, she seems offended and starts to rant on me about the way I dress, style my hair, the shoes I'm wearing and maybe I would have better luck and attract better women if I took care of my appearance I pretty much just ignore her. After her rant dies down, she gives me her number. I take her up on the massage for my hip (which I've since had surgery for) and she actually did a job temporarily relieving the pain. My appointments were about every week and a half, and she seemed nice enough after her initial rant. One time she even invited me for lunch and paid. We start to hang out more outside of just massages, so I decide to ask her to dinner. We have a low key dinner at this bar, she sees a "Chad" and starts ranting about how hot he is. Just to see what would happen, I tell her "Well go talk to him". She actually left the table to talk to him. And of course because she's a 10/10 any guy will fawn over her. 15 minutes later, I say the hell with this and tell her I'm leaving. She says "Ok I'll see you later", and proceeds to go back to talking to "Chad" I leave, delete her number, and never reschedule an appointment. I never heard from her again. good Cut to this past Thursday night, my phone rings at around 9. I recognize her number. I answer and it's certainly her. She says "Hey, I was wondering if you could help me. I went to Jacksonville Florida with someone I met recently. We got into a fight and he left me. I'm stranded here. Can you buy me a plane ticket or come and get me??" I tell her No. She wants to know why. I explain I'm not interested in helping her, it's a 5 and a half hour drive one way and I have to work in the morning. She starts to get desperate, and even offers to pay me. "Sorry you can't pay me what I make at work, for the 11 hours worth of driving I'd do to get you". Then she asks if I could get a plane ticket. "No". She angrily says "I'll just a call friend!" and hangs up. I have no idea how/when /if she got home and I don't care. I treated her well and got ditched for a "Chad", and now another "Chad" just ditched her in Florida. I just laughed. t94 Share 36 Award 4h This would break rule # 5. - never give a woman money if she hasn't sucked your dick in the last 7 days Reply 62 4h Haha I actually thought about telling her something like that. But no blowjob is worth a 11 hour drive. I can get a prostitute right here in town. :) 34 Out of all stuff that didn't happen, I'm pretty sure 100% this didn't happen the most