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Bitch, Blue Balls, and Confused: nstagnam Instagram So one of my long time friends call me over his house and he's married. I was only there for emotional support because him and his wife are going through some sort of a tough patch so you right now" and my heart just starts pounding because I wanted to run but then I wanted to see what was gonna happen or to know if I was misreading the looks he was giving me. So my know me the good girl (sometimes) just came for only option was to talk and stall. BITCH tell me emotional support and this shit took a turn I why he grabs my hand and navigates it down his didn't expect. Anyway he was telling me his wife pants and he was rock hard Kskkskskskskskwksk. I WAS LIKE BITCH WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST GET MYSELF INTO BECAUSE I NEVER LOOKED AT HIM THIS WAY didn't feel real giving up the rest up Her life for a marriage that happened when they were 19. Side note the girl he married to is someone that I had mutual dislike for in highschool but we know and you have to put your feelings aside you grown AND IM SURE HE NEVER SAW ME THIS WAY BECAUSE I WOULD BE MARRIED TO HIM AT 19 know. So he told me to lay in his bed and it was just normal for me to do it because we hung out as teenagers and nothing ever happened so I'm RIGHT????? he looks me in my face and said "so are you gonna suck my dick" and I'm like "boy Imao no, this is weird. you all of a sudden want to fuck me?" He's says "no I always had a crush on you I just never saw on own window because of all the guys you were juggling" LMFAOO I felt like such a whore and I didn't wanna fuck him so I just talked to him as long as I could. But, this man kept trying to force my hand down his pants Imfao anyway I would've took the opportunity to like ok this is one of our usual hour rants. He's talking about how he feels like getting married so young was a mistake and shit and in my head I'm like (yeah are u dumb Imfao I would never). Anyway I just start to feel a weird vibe because he started to look at me like we was together and in my head I'm like "ok what the fuck is going on rinht no nd m hnrt ict etarte nainninn Instagram Imfao anyway I would've took the opportunity to get my nut but it felt like I had pent up feelings for him and I never knew I had these kinda emotions before so I kinda froze lol. I just laid there and cuddled with him because it's better than having sex Imfao, but this man was so determined to have sex that he kept putting my hand down his pants and then finally he just took everything off and I'm like "ight time to head out". I went home or whatever feeling weird about it because A MARRIED MAN? someone I had no feelings for, or is that what I tell myself? I just lay there on my bed confused and what do you know i get a text. he's like "it's rude to leave a man with blue balls lol am I gonna see you later?" In my head I wanted to say yes but I was like maybe we should pretend this didn't happen, shit even l'm a whore and don't feel like this would be good with a married man. He's like "girl because quiet I will see you tomorrow" I just shit my whore mouth and just said okay. LMFAOO0000 BITCH I FEEL THERE WILL BE MORE TO COME IN THE FUTURE SO STAY TUINFD! Girl tells ”totally true story”on instagram written like a wattpad fanfiction