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Life, Period, and Tumblr: Ms. Pie from Apples @lechatsavant Follow Judaism also allows women to use hormonal birth control, so disallowing insurance coverage also violates our religion MamaDeb Persists@ mamadeb The 20 week abortion ban violates my religion. I'm utterly serious - Judaism requires abortion for the life of the mother. 6:18 PM-3 Oct 2017 Ms. Pie from Apples @lechatsavant Follow I should clarify: making birth control difficult to obtain violates the Jewish religion. Halacha allows us to use it. 6:21 PM-3 Oct 2017 Ms. Pie from Apples @lechatsavant Follow Jewish women routinely use the pill to avoid their period so they are not niddah (menstrally unclean) on their wedding night. 6:28 PM-3 Oct 2017 Ms. Pie from Apples @lechatsavant Follow Contraception is allowed so long as it does not impede the flow of semen. So technically, a vasectomy is prohibited. The pill is not. 6:29 PM-3 Oct 2017 Ms. Pie from Apples @lechatsavant Follow Denying me or any Jewish woman the right to have birth control or an abortion is violating my freedom to practice my religion Fin 6:31 PM-3 Oct 2017 stephrc79: dancinbutterfly: jewish-suggestion: A Jewish perspective on reproductive justice and birth control access from twitter user @lechatsavant. IDK about other Jews, but I want all goyim who see this - especially American goyim from Christian backgrounds - feel free to keep this in your pocket the “freedom of religion” birth control argument comes up. In fact, I encourage you to use it.  Oh I fuckin’ will. Thank you, Jewish side of tumblr, for dropping knowledge!