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Animals, Desperate, and Dogs: sistercrow stormcloak Cilford the Big Red Dog by Sandara OH MY GOD Can we have a Clifford live action movie? Not a kids movie either Like, Emily Elizabeth's parents are working for a government agency developing a super soldier serum. None of their testing is working and they start testing the serum on larger mammals in hopes of seeing better results. They inject a variety of animals, including a dog Nothing. They are desperate and on the verge of having their project shut down when they notice one of the test dogs is pregnant. It gives birth and they bring one of the puppies home for their daughter To their shock, the puppy they brought home starts to grow at an incredible rate, its fur mutating into a brilliant red as it does so. They are ecstatic because their research has finally seen a result, albeit one they weren't expecting. There is only one problem Clifford has become attached to Emily and refuses to leave her side Emily, too, has fallen in love with her new pet. They decide to let their project be canceled rather than try to separate the two. Unfortunately the government discovers their secret and begins a campaign to retrieve Clifford at any costs. During the initial conflict, Emily Elizabeth's parents are killed trying to help her and Clifford escape Emily and her dog flee into the wild. This sets the opening of the movie Over the course of the movie, Emily and Clifford are on the run and we see Emily grow into a young woman, everything about her honed into a survivalist expert. She and Clifford roam the backwoods constantly in fear of being captured. On one of her rare trips into towrn one day, Emily witnesses a bank robbery in progress involving multiple hostages. She calls Clifford and the two of them save the lives of the hostages but wreck the bank in the process. The local news capture footage of Clifford and it isn't long before the military arrives in town Emily wants to just run away again, but she sees that the military is destroying the town, driving people out of their homes and destroying property in their search. She decides that enough is enough and rides Clifford back into town and fights the military. Amidst the fighting a huge truck arrives. A general (who was her parent's superior officer) gets out and smirks. He tells Emily Elizabeth that Clifford's mother wasn't the only animal that gave birth to a litter of babies after receiving an injection. The back of the truck unfolds to reveal a massive tabby cat. The cat strains against its bindings and tears free immediately leaping onto a nearby group of soldiers and devouring them. Emily is horrified and orders Clifford to attack What follows is the dramatic battle between Clifford and the mutant cat. Clifford has strength, but the cat is too fast and agile. It looks like Clifford is down for the count, when the townsfolk, recognizing that Clifford is on their side, come to his aid. They distract the cat long enough for him to finish the beast off for good The military retreats, the general swearing vengeance on the two of them, and Emily and Clifford ride off into the night once more. But the legend of the big red dog has already started. And Emily Elizabeth knows that the day will come when she and Clifford will need to ride into battle against the forces of evil once more The credits roll Post credits, the screen fades to black for a moment. The sound of waves crashing on shore fills the air. The screen flashes brilliant white The light of the lighthouse moves on, revealing a rocky shore on a rainy day. The camera pans down to find Clifford and Emily gazing out to sea. A massive object hangs in the air off the coast, obscured in the clouds. A smaller object rapidly approaches them. It resolves itseltf into an advanced helicopter that silently lands just down the shore from them. Clifford lets out a low growl but Emily quiets him with a hand on his leg. A lone figure emerges from the aircraft, huddling his arms around himself to fight off the cold He approaches the two. His hair is short and somewhat curly. He wears glasses and a grey flannel shirt and seems unlikely to pose a threat to the two "Emily Elizabeth," he says over the sound of the crashing surf, "I worked with your parents. It's taken us a while to find you, after the Birdwell Island incident." "And who exactly is 'us'," she responds, eyes narrowing suspiciously. gnoring her question, the man continues. "Me and Clifford have a lot in common, actually. He smiles a little awkwardly, then presses on. "I was hoping you might be interested in meeting my boss. He's fairly excited to talk with you. You still haven't answered my question. Who are you and who do you work for?" The man smiles. "My name is Banner. And I'm hear to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative. mo re Fun on likealaugh.org I Would Watch It

I Would Watch It

Ether, Netflix, and Parks and Recreation: This is probably the best customer service exchange ever... Netflix Customer Service You are now chatting with: Michael 16 minutes ago You I have a problem to report Netilix Michael This is Cpt. Mike of the good ship Netfiox, which member of the crew am I speaking with 6 minutes ag 6 minutes ag You 6 minutes ago Greetings, Captain. Lt. Norm here 15 minutes ago Engineering has a problem to report Netflix Michael LT, what seems to be the problem? 15 minutes ago 5 minutes ag Visual displays are erratic, sir 4 minutes ago season 5, episode 13 of Parks and Recreation is behaving oddly Netflix Michael How so, LT? You at 5 minutes of operation You 4 minutes ago 4 minutes ago 14 minutes ago 4 minutes ago the visual creates a temporal loop 4 minutes ag and nearly 3 seconds of footage repeats over and over again 3 minutes ago Our ship seems to be immune to the eflect, as our lves are not actually repeating over and over Netflix Michael Oh, no. LTI told you no watching Netfiox while we sail through the Burmuda Triangle. ) 3 minstes a 3 minutes ago Dammit, m an engineer, not a navigator Netflix Michael 3 minutes ago 2 minutes ago We are not sure whether our instruments are at fault, or if some anomaly is present Netflix Micha LT Norm, does this happen at any other points on any other shows? minutes ago 11 เธชunutes ago But, this temporal loop has occurred at the same place on three separate days You no other episodes of ether Parks and Rec or other shows have been affected You We have attempted restarting the episode from the beginning, and she didn't budge minutes ag 0 minutes ago 0 minutes ago Netflix Micha LT. that is no good at all. 0 minutes ag We also attempted to start the episode "after the anomaly, and we were pulled back in and the loop continued minsites ag Ok. I will get this issue fagged so our techs can look at it minutes ag Worst of all, Captain.. the dalogue . It looped over Councilwoman Knope saying, This s real lide. This is real Ide. This is real lde WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Netflix Michal minutes ag HAHA Netlix Michal That is a homible place to get stuck Netflix Michaal Councilwoman Knope is such a worrier minutes ag 8 minutes ago 1 minutes ag Indeed, Captain. Netlix Michael 0 minutes ago 0 minutes ago [Oh, also, your report a problem with streaming wasn't working a minute ago. Hence this chat, which also happens to be best customer senice experience I think I have ever minutes ago Well thank you. Netllix Michael We got that reported on our end minutes ag minutes ago This needs to go on a blog somewhere minutes ag you will get a prompt to receive a transcript of this conversation when we are done. 8minutes ago Netflix Michael LT Norm, are there any other Netflix issues I could help you with today? You I almost wish there were minutes ago 7 minutes ago minutes ago Hehe:) Have a wonderful night. And one more thing, if you wouldn't mind, please stay online for a one question survey You minutes ago This chat session has ended you satisfied with your Netflix experience? No Thanks for your feedback you should probably go to TheMetaPicture.com lolzandtrollz:Guy Goes Online To Complain, The Best Thing Happens

lolzandtrollz:Guy Goes Online To Complain, The Best Thing Happens

Facebook, Head, and Hockey: 2 of 6 Poor black people should still sit at the back of the bus." Would this statement meet Facebook's criteria for hate speech? Yes No No. While Facebook's training document lists any call for segregation as an unacceptable attack, subsets of protected groups do not receive the same protection, according to the document. While race is a protected category social class is not, so attacks targeting "poor black people" would not seem to qualify as hate speech under those rules, Ms. Citron said. That 3 of 6 "White men are assholes." Would this statement meet Facebook's criteria for hate speech? Yes No Yes, a Facebook spokeswoman said. This statement targets a subset of two protected categories--โ€œwhite men" encompasses race and sex -with an attack, in the form of cursing. Facebook's rules take a cue from constitutional doctrine, providing equal protection to all races, genders and orientations, Ms. Citron said. But 5 of 6 Female sports reporters need to be hit in the head with hockey pucks." Would this statement meet Facebook's criteria for hate speech? Yes No No. While gender is a protected category Facebook's training document states that occupation is not. Although this is a eall to violence, it would not seem to violate the company's rules for hate speech, Ms. Citron said. That is because including occupation irn the attack negates the protection granted based on gender A Facebook spokeswoman said it would be flagged under a separate policy regarding direct though the company's threat policy 6 of 6 "I'll never trust a Muslim immigrant... they're all thieves and robbers. Would this statement meet Facebook's criteria for hate speech? Yes No No. While Facebook usually considers dismissive attacks, including those targeting groups based on religious affiliation, as unacceptable, the company's training materials classify immigrants as a "quasi-protected category." That means that they are not protected against some types of attacks, including dismissive attacks. According to Facebook's training document, this quasi- protected category was created in response to theitalianscrub: elierlick: Facebook upholds white supremacy without flinching. (source) The goddamn loophole bullshit these guys are pullingโ€ฆ wow HeyWhat the fuck
Autocorrect, Tumblr, and Wow: Book Lady @gailwald reminder that using "anti-semite instead of "antisemite" is literally incorrect and I DESPISE the fact that autocorrect doesn't recognize the correct form of the word 8:22 PM 12 Jun 18 l View Tweet activity 5 Retweets 5 Likes Book Lady @gailwald antisemitism was a word created by german "scientists" to replace the older word "judenhass" and is specifically defined as hatred of jews. 8:22 PM 12 Jun 18 View Tweet activity 3 Retweets 3 Likes Book Lad;y @gailwald when you separate "anti" from "semite" you are suggesting that there is some concept called "semitism" that exists separately from antisemitism, which "anti- semitism" opposes. that's not what it is. 8:22 PM 12 Jun 18 l View Tweet activity 3 Retweets 5 Likes Book Lady @gailwald keep in mind that "semitic languages" was not a widely used term at the time, and in any case, that's not what antisemitism is about. therefore, the daslh in "anti-semitism" is incorrect. use antisemitism, one word, no hyphen. thanks 8:22 PM 12 Jun 18 View Tweet activity 6 Retweets 4 Likes thecringeandwincefactory: motherbychoice: sheisawonder: Iโ€™ve spoken up about this before, and it might seem nitpicky, but itโ€™s the difference that lets people claim that being antisemitic isnโ€™t even about Jews. Oh wow. I had no clue. If y'all see me do this, call me out please. โ€œItโ€™s the difference that lets people claim that being antisemitic isnโ€™t even about Jews.โ€

thecringeandwincefactory: motherbychoice: sheisawonder: Iโ€™ve spoken up about this before, and it might seem nitpicky, but itโ€™s the differen...