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Best Friend, Cats, and Children: App Store oo ?4:27 PM Tweet Sasha @sashacave My friend's stepmom gave his therapy cat away. Retweet if you want to bring him back home Maybe she'll reconsider #bringhomebeebles 7/5/17, 4:27 PM l VIEW TWEET ACTIVITY Tweet your reply Home Explore Notifications Messages Me vitariesocks: tittydemon: BRING OUR BOY HOME!! #bringhomebeebles Hi guys! I’m ‘the friend’, haha! My name is Joey, and my abusive stepmom stole our cat. Here’s a petition where you can sign to help me get him back! Please please please take a moment to sign. My little brother and I miss Beebles so much. He’s such a good boy, and our best friend. Let me explain a little bit about my situation. My family was going out of the country, and so, as always, we got someone to look after our cats. However, my stepmom decided to give Chip (or Beebles!) away to a friend to stay with instead because he has a bit of an anxiety problem. My stepmom is an emotionally abusive, manipulative person who has threatened me physical harm a few times. Of course, she did not tell any of us that our cat would be staying elsewhere, and Beebles is my little brother’s cat (not hers!). The only way I heard about Beebles being sent away was from overhearing a conversation. And in a few days, she sent him away while we weren’t home. After I asked her about it, she began threatening me with things like, “maybe he won’t come home” every once in awhile. I was really worried about Beebles being separated from the other cats in the house. He and his sister are very close, and separation anxiety between siblings can be dangerous for cats. Then my family went out of the country for two weeks. By the end of the trip, my little brother asked when his cat was going to be coming home. My stepmom dropped the bomb that she had already decided herself that he wasn’t coming home. My little brother and I cried about it, but vowed to actually talk to her later. However, politely asking her about it a few days later resulted in my brother and I both having panic attacks on the back porch, and afraid to sleep or go in our house. She accused us of not loving him, and not taking care of him, and tried to gaslight us into believing that we were horrible people who did not love our cat and THAT’S why she stole him. Which isn’t true in the least. My cats are my absolute life. I love them more than I can possibly express, and that accusation really hit me the hardest. I love Beebles so much. It was so horrible to hear her say such lies. She also made the situation all about herself, and how she was ‘the only one who took care of him’, even though I’m the one who cares for the cats when I’m at my dad’s house. Upon me telling her no matter what she thought, it was wrong for her to get rid of Beebles without telling us because we never got to say goodbye, she admitted to hating Beebles because of his anxiety disorder. She also tried to turn our own bio dad, who loves Beebles and also wants him back– against us. His children. She made herself the victim and tried to pretend that we were all ‘turning against and torturing her’. She physically won’t let Beebles back into the house now, even though all of HER pets have remained at home. She screams at us and causes panic attacks when we ask about him. Even my dad knows that what she’s doing is incredibly wrong and wants Beebles back. Beebles is such a good cat, and I love and miss him so much. Not to mention he was adopted as a way to recover from our parents’ messy divorce. My stepmom does not see that what she did was wrong at all, and that really hurts.In any case, please please please please please take a moment to sign our petition. It will help show my dad that other people care about me getting Beebles back, and motivate him to be the authority figure against my stepmom and get Beebles back to our house. It will also show my stepmom that, no matter what she thinks, what she did was unjust, as shown by the voices of you all. My brother and I miss Beebles so much. He’s such a loving cat and such a good good good boy. We need him home with us. Please. thisthis broke my heart