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America, cnn.com, and Facebook: The grossly mislead graphic liberals are using to compare Benghazi to embassy attacks under Bush. 2002 -U.S. Consulate In Karachi, Pakistan, Attacked 10 Killed 2004 -U.S. Embassy Bombed In Uzbekistan 2 Killed, 9 Injured 2004 Gunmen Stormed U.S. Consulate In Saudi Arabia 8 Killed 2006 Armed Men Attacked U.S. Embassy In Syria 1 Killed 2007 Grenade Launched Into U.S. Embassy In Athens 2008 - Rioters Set Fire To U.S. Embassy In Serbia 2008 Bombings At U.S. Embassy In Yemen 10 Killed 2012 US embassy in Benghazi, Libya attacked 4 Kille REPUBLICANS BECOME OUTRAGED AND SUDDENLY CONCERNED WITH THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF AMERICANS ABROAD. NOW THEY DEMAND INVESTIGATIONS <p><a href="http://redbloodedamerica.tumblr.com/post/50370330271/gop-tea-pub-liberals-use-grossly-misleading" class="tumblr_blog">redbloodedamerica</a>:</p> <blockquote><p><a class="tumblr_blog" href="http://gop-tea-pub.tumblr.com/post/50344100938/liberals-use-grossly-misleading-graphic-and-list">gop-tea-pub</a>:</p> <blockquote> <h1><strong><a href="http://www.isthatbaloney.com/liberals-use-grossly-misleading-graphic-and-list-to-compare-benghazi-to-other-embassy-attacks-under-bush/" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to Liberals Use Grossly Misleading Graphic And List To Compare Benghazi To Other Embassy Attacks Under Bush">Liberals Use Grossly Misleading Graphic And List To Compare Benghazi To Other Embassy Attacks Under Bush</a></strong></h1> <p>The graphic pictured above is getting passed around quite a bit on Facebook lately and it gets posted by liberals whenever the subject of Benghazi comes up. The graphic above with a list of attacks below, supposedly points out that many more people were killed in embassy bombings and shootings under Bush than the 4 who were killed in Benghazi under President Obama. The comparison is made as if somehow sheer numbers excuses a cover up, issuing stand down orders and <a href="http://www.isthatbaloney.com/ambassador-susan-rice-on-sunday-talk-shows-lies-for-obama-administration/"><strong>lying about the cause</strong></a> of the Benghazi consulate attack.</p> <p>In effect what liberals are saying when they post this graphic is, “Well yes, we know Obama lied about Benghazi, covered up the truth and made up a story as to what caused the attack, but Bush is way worse because there were more embassy attacks and more people died under his watch.” Sadly, this is simply part of the “blame Bush for everything that happens to Obama” mentalities of both liberals and Obama himself because not a single one of these attacks when looked at closely, even holds a candle to what happened in Benghazi. And in fact, with one of the attacks listed below, even though it has 371,000 references in Google, <strong>we can’t find any evidence the attack even happened</strong>. All references in Google search seem to be the same list that liberal blogs just blindly copied, passed around and then mindlessly published without checking a single reference. <strong>So much for liberal facts!</strong></p> <p>Liberals also like to point out that either 52 or 54 people were killed (depending on what sources you read), but when looked at these attacks more closely only 1 person who died was an American. That person was U.S. Diplomat David Foy killed in Pakistan in March 2006. All other deaths were either brave embassy guards who were killed in the line of duty defending the safety of embassy employees, or they were innocent bystanders killed in the crossfire or bomb explosions.</p> <p>We also have the list that somewhat goes with the inaccurate graphic and is posted over at Daily Kos, which I will never link to (but you can <strong><a href="http://thelastofthemillenniums.wordpress.com/2013/02/03/under-obama-there-have-been-2-embassy-attacks-and-4-deaths-under-bush-there-were-11-embassy-attacks-and-52-deaths/">find it here</a></strong>) , with the title “If diplomatic attacks are a sign of weakness, Bush was the weakest of all.”</p> <p>In reality this list is weak because everything on it pales in comparison to Benghazi. Yes, real people with families and loved ones died in these attacks, but in no case was there <strong>any controversy</strong> surrounding them as there is in the Libya attack and in no embassy attack under the Bush Presidency was there any attempt to cover-up what happened or was there blame placed on something that turned out to be patently false. The sheer level to which Obama has gone to hide the facts of this attack is like <a href="http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/05/10/top-gop-senator-says-obama-could-be-impeached-over-most-egregious-cover-up-in-american-history/"><strong>nothing we have ever seen</strong></a> in the United States of America.</p> <p>Read below as we destroy both the list and the graphic at the top of this post:</p> <p><strong>June 14, 2002, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan - Suicide bomber kills 12 and injures 51.</strong></p> <p>Unlike Benghazi, <strong><a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karachi_consulate_attacks">this attack</a></strong> happened outside the walls of the consulate and yes, twelve people were killed and 51 injured, all Pakistanis. I cannot find any reports of Americans amongst the injured. And we aren’t sure how this attack matches up with the graphic above because there were 12 people killed, not 10.</p> <p><strong>February 20, 2003, international diplomatic compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Truck bomb kills 17.</strong></p> <p>This one is only on the list found at Daily Kos and the link to the list above and we especially love this example because we can’t find a <strong>single credible reference <a href="https://www.google.com/search?q=%22February+20%2C+2003%22+%22truck+bomb%22">anywhere in Google</a></strong> <span><strong>that this attack ever happened!</strong></span></p> <p><strong>February 28, 2003, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan - Gunmen on motorcycles killed two consulate guards.</strong></p> <p>Two policemen were killed in this shooting <strong>outside</strong> the consulate and <a href="http://www.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/asiapcf/south/02/28/karachi.shooting/http://"><strong>according to CNN</strong></a>, “none of the staff inside the compound at the time were injured in the attack.”</p> <p><strong>July 30, 2004, U.S. embassy in Taskkent, Uzbekistan - Suicide bomber kills two.</strong></p> <p>Two Uzbek policemen were killed<strong> <a href="http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/3940019.stm">outside the embassy</a></strong> of both the countries of Israel and the United States. <span>US and Israeli officials said none of their staff were among the casualties.</span></p> <p><strong>December 6, 2004, U.S. consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Militants stormed and occupied perimeter wall. Five killed, 10 wounded.</strong></p> <p>This is the only attack on this list and referenced in the graphic where the walls of the embassy were breached and personnel inside were killed, but once again, the graphic and the reference above from The Daily Kos don’t match. Four security guards and five staff were killed, <a href="http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2004/dec/06/saudiarabia.usa"><strong>none were Americans</strong></a>. By our math, 4 plus 5 equals, 9, not 8 as listed in the graphic and 5 as listed in the reference above.</p> <p><strong>March 2, 2006, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan - Suicide car bomber killed four, including a U.S. diplomat directly targeted by the assailants.</strong></p> <p>This is the only attack where an American diplomat, not an Ambassador like Christopher Stevens, was actually killed. Tragically, <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karachi_consulate_attacks"><strong>David Foy was specifically targeted</strong></a> outside the embassy when a massive car bomb went off in the parking lot behind the consulate as he arrived for work.</p> <p>Isn’t it interesting that the only embassy attack where an American was killed under Bush and they don’t include it in their completely inaccurate graphic above. You would think they would want that one in there.</p> <p><strong>September 12, 2006, U.S. embassy in Damascus, Syria - Gunmen attacked embassy with grenades, automatic weapons, and a car bomb (though second truck bomb failed to detonate). One killed and 13 wounded.</strong></p> <p>Here we go again, another attack listed where not only were no Americans killed, <strong>no Americans were even injured</strong>. Yes, sadly one brave <a href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/09/12/AR2006091200345.html"><strong>Saudi security guard was killed</strong></a> doing his job as militants tried to storm the embassy compound. Once again, the embassy wall were never breached and all American personnel inside remained safe.</p> <p><strong>January 12, 2007, U.S. embassy in Athens, Greece - A rocket-propelled grenade was fired at the embassy building. No one was injured</strong>.</p> <p><a href="http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/12/world/europe/12cnd-greece.html"><strong>Another embassy attack</strong> </a>that liberals try to point out in some way is equal to what happened in Benghazi, Libya. While this is a serious event that targeted one of our embassies, it took place early in the morning when a grenade was launched into an empty embassy building. Again, no one was killed or injured.</p> <p><strong>July 9, 2008, U.S. consulate in Istanbul, Turkey - Armed men attacked consulate with pistols and shotguns. Three policemen killed.</strong></p> <p>Yet another case where embassy security sadly died, but died in the line of duty. <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_United_States_consulate_in_Istanbul_attack">Three Turkish National Police</a> officers were killed defending the embassy. All Americans inside remained safe.</p> <p><strong>March 18, 2008, U.S. embassy in Sana’a, Yemen - Mortar attack misses embassy, hits nearby girls’ school instead.</strong></p> <p>Though there are reports by liberal websites of 2 being killed at a girl’s school near this embassy when mortars were fired at it but missed, the official <a href="http://yemen.usembassy.gov/wmfeb2210.html"><strong>US Embassy website in Yemen</strong></a> says that there were only injuries.</p> <p><strong>September 17, 2008, U.S. embassy in Sana’a, Yemen - Militants dressed as policemen attacked the embassy with RPGs, rifles, grenades and car bombs. Six Yemeni soldiers and seven civilians were killed. Sixteen more were injured.</strong></p> <p>You liberals might what to get your facts straight on this before you post such drivel. How many were killed? The graphic says 10 and the quote above says 11. Actually there weren’t 10 people killed, there were 19, six attackers, six Yemeni police, and seven civilians. And guess what, <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_attack_on_the_American_Embassy_in_Yemen"><strong>absolutely zero Americans were killed</strong></a> or injured in that attack.</p> <p>Even though some members of the Yemeni security forces were killed, they did exactly as they were supposed to do, they defended the embassy and saved the personnel inside! And liberals are pointing this out as a sign of weakness? Having security forces do their duty and die during a battle is weakness?</p> <p><strong>2008 - Rioters set fire to US Embassy in Serbia - (Only listed in graphic above)</strong></p> <p>Rioters did break into the embassy in this attack and one person was killed, <a href="http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/serb-rioters-set-fire-u-s-embassy-protest-kosovo-independence-article-1.310104"><strong>a rioter when they got trapped</strong></a> in a part of one building they had set on fire. All American personnel were safe and accounted for.</p> <p><strong>There are also 2 more attacks</strong> going around the net that liberals are trying to paint as Bush’s fault, but once again, neither even remotely holds up to scrutiny as anything even compared to what happened in Benghazi. The first is an attack on what liberals are trying to call the American consulate on January 22, 2002 in Calcutta, India where 5 policemen were killed. In reality it was not the consulate , but an <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2002_attack_on_American_cultural_centre_in_Kolkata"><strong>American cultural center</strong></a> that was attacked.</p> <p>And the final one going around the net is in relation to the bombing of 2 Bali nightclubs on October 12, 2002 when a <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2002_Bali_bombings"><strong>third much smaller device</strong></a> detonated outside the United States consulate in Denpasar, causing only minor damage.</p> <p>There you have the graphic and the list, <strong>including one attack that never happened</strong>, which liberals use to whine and ask why there was no outrage when Bush was president and embassies were attacked. Bush did plenty of things wrong, but he did not lie to all of the country, assisted by a willing press, in order to try and cover up the deaths of 4 Americans.<br/><br/><a href="http://www.isthatbaloney.com/liberals-use-grossly-misleading-graphic-and-list-to-compare-benghazi-to-other-embassy-attacks-under-bush/"></a><a href="http://www.isthatbaloney.com/liberals-use-grossly-misleading-graphic-and-list-to-compare-benghazi-to-other-embassy-attacks-under-bush/">http://www.isthatbaloney.com/liberals-use-grossly-misleading-graphic-and-list-to-compare-benghazi-to-other-embassy-attacks-under-bush/</a></p> </blockquote> <p>Well done.</p></blockquote>

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