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Animals, Anime, and Cute: so remember- you can only sting someone once so make sure you only do it to Protect the hive. What if we see a guy on a ladder cleaning his gutters and minding his own business? Well, that's an obvious exception. they cantalk.com theycantalk.com this is a terribly designed seuirrel feeder I I LI is he dead? We better walk on his face and find out they cantalk.com they cant alk.com MISSING hey, isn't that you? i thought you said ANSWERS TO your name was thor. uh, must be a typo or something. you can do it! i believe in you! they cantalk.com "Wow, all this for me? they can talk.com il you smell terrible What's the occasion? they can talk.com the Giant awakens! Quick, into this cave! they cant alk.com they cant alk.com um... could you turn around while i change shells? you should take her somewhere nice a like the dumpster behind that new french restaurant they can talk.com they cant alk.com are We there yet? Whoa, someone locked that poor human in a cage and dropped him in the ocean. don't worry little buddy, they can talk.com i'll get you out i don't really know how to say this but this isn't working out. Wait, are you trying to what? no. it's just... Well break up with me again? Co o i think that went well. theycantalk.com they can talk.com penis! theycantalk.com i have super strength! i look a stick i have super eyesight! we should form a team of superheroes! i have super hearing! they can talk.com do you think it's poop or ice cream that looks a lot like poop? potato, Po-tah-to. they can talk.com what the hell is that! bWahhhhh! GAH! KAK don't just sit there, Cet me a shoe or something. theycantalk.com hey look, a koala! ESS hey look, a tourist they can talk.com it's raining aw yes. theycantalk.com it's raining! i wonder what they're saying. AM i wonder what they're saying. they cantalk.com Santa? O O they cantalk.com it's pretty scary knowing that humans think we're delicious... but at the same time, i do find it kind of flattering. theycantalk.com did you know that humans think we only have a memory span of three seconds? where d they get an idea like that? an idea like what? the ycantalk.com dude, that's my house! you can't just pee on something and... MY house now. they can talk.com finally, a cowboy! What adventure awaits us today- maybe some unruly cattle to round up? Wait, let me guess... were going to walk in a circle really slowly, aren't we? they cantalk.com C'mon, please! dude, i told you a million times! if i bite you you're not going to turn into a vampire. can we at least try it? the cantalk.com so, remember when you said you wouldn't date me if i was the last giraffe on earth? that was a joke, right? they cantalk.com i mean, she's cool and all she's just way too clingy for me. she's stuck to the bottom of me right now, isn't she? they can talk.com why is everyone so scared of me? or the scary way maybe it's your you slither around... Scary eyes... or the scary way you or Your swallow your food whole scary fangs LOL oh yeah they cantalk.com If Animals Could Talk (Cute Imgur Album I Found)