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Alive, Be Like, and Best Friend: June 18, 2013 Chelsey Lynn lol jordan was giving out photos too now she deleted them all so only i have them im gonna delete them all at some point in the near future. 7:21 PM 7:21 PM 7:22 PM 7:22 PM Hannah Brown yeah I mean 7:22 PM Chelsey Lynn just ...getting into a relationship with a guy now kinda so..it'll probably happen within the next few months 7:22 PM Hannah Brown if you have no use for them, why keep them anyway? it's not like you're going to be posting them 7:22 PM 7:22 PM Chelsey Lynn honestly to look at them 7:22 PM 7:22 PM gaymommy: gaymommy: I just wanted to bring this little creep to everyone’s attention. I know Hannah posted about this before a billion times, but I have a way bigger follower base and I feel like I can reach more people this way and maybe we can get this little weirdo off of tumblr for good. . The girl what runs brendonurievines is a completely insane girl named Chelsey (i think she went under another name but idk what it is.) She used to/probably still does make fake profiles of Brendon Urie’s (Panic! At The Disco’s vocalist) family and friends, along with his wife’s family. She does this so she can add the two and stalk them and get personal information out of them about the band members. The photo shown above is just a snippet of the creepy things she’s said to Hannah about the pictures she stole from the Urie family’s personal facebooks. Here’s all the information in Hannah’s words (dallonsmiles) There is a 24 year old girl in Toronto who was (and actually still is very much) stalking the band and running a blog called ipanickedatthedisco that she would post rare, never-before-seen pictures as well as private info on for months. Then around the beginning of Feb. she showed me all this shit she had and told me all this stuff… about her hacking into Sarah’s private Facebook, by making up a fake profile of one of her high school friends, and stealing all Sarah’s pictures off it.. as well as gaining access to Brendon’s brothers and sisters and parents Facebooks through similar means (fake accounts) and stealing all the pictures of Brendon or Brendon and Sarah or anything else related off them. She showed me folders and folders and folders of photos she got off those Facebooks as well as buttloads of private posts and information, such as pages and pages of Brendon’s family members’ home addresses (WTF?!?!) and showed me Brendon and Sarah’s house and car and legal documentation on Brendon and Dallon and Breezy and Brendon’s parents and Sarah’s and just EVERYTHING. She literally has EVERYTHING you could possibly get online about these people. So then I outed her, like I was just going to sit there and be like “OH COOL”?? Come on! So I posted about it here on Tumblr and told Sarah about it on Twitter and Sarah responded privately and gave me her email address so I could tell her more and give her all the info, and shit completely blew up in the fandom. She password protected the ipanickedatthedisco blog for about a month hoping things would calm down, as MANY were calling for her to delete the blog (reporting it to tumblr as well) and leave Tumblr and the fanbase altogether (cuz who wants someone like that in their fanbase? seriously?) but when she reopened the blog, she tried to act like nothing happened and posted some disclaimers on it saying things like “if you have a problem with what I do or the way I gain info and pictures, you can unfollow” like that’s acceptable? So anyway, we all continued to post about her deleting it and a SHIT load of people came forward to me privately about other extremely heinous things she’d done while pretending to be Brendon on Facebook and all kinds of other shit and I got a particularly disgusting piece of information that I could very easily have (and still could, I don’t know why she thinks she can just continue this way with the information I have) gone to an internet crimes lawyer about, and was actually very seriously planning to. I told her that, because I really didn’t want to do it and I believed she was genuinely a good person who’d just gotten in too deep, so she finally shut down the blog and the others she knew I knew about. I started talking to her on Skype and stuff and offering her support as a friend, because she was telling me she was so depressed and suicidal because she’d gotten in so deep and felt terrible and told me she’d unfollowed all the Panic! twitters, instagrams, everything and was taking a step back and going to therapy and getting herself sorted out… and I believed her, because I didn’t believe someone could be so awful to pray on my sympathies and lie that much. But I was wrong. Just a week or so after that conversation, she started posting every day, multiple times a day, on her personal blog (which is clynnk now, btw everyone) about PATD and started posting things immediately after they’d been shared on Facebook or twitter, as well as pictures no one had seen before that were showing up on Linda or Sarah’s Facebooks (she also runs/ran the fuckyeahlindaignarro blog, idk if it’s still up) before anyone else had seen them… meaning she was actively stalking these pages to check for new things. So I messaged her about it saying you know, hey I thought you told me you were taking a step back and distancing yourself to try and get better? And she had the audacity to tell me she “had an addiction” and “everyone with addictions have relapses”…. as if BEING OBSESSED WITH A BAND IS AN ADDICTION. I’m sorry, but that REALLY pissed be off, because plenty of people deal with REAL addiction, including people I’m very close to and Spencer Smith himself, so that’s incredibly insulting. So after that I tried to just ignore it until I saw the brendonurievines blog pop up and start posting every day, several times a day… and I knew it was her. I brought it up and she admitted it was her. Then I noticed she had created this sandburie blog that was made up to seem as if it was actually being run by Brendon and/or Sarah, no indication whatsoever anywhere that it was a fan blog, and it in fact says “Share our love” on it… as if it’s supposed to look like it’s their blog. Anyway, I saw never-before-seen photos of Sarah popping up on there, and called her out on it and she immediately deleted them so no one else would see or I guess believe me, idk what she was trying to do there. She had emailed Sarah (by obtaining her private email address via her Facebook that she shouldn’t have ever had access to) to apologize for everything, which is one of the things that makes me the angriest. She gave a completely insincere and bullshit apology to one of the sweetest people alive when she actually had no plans of stopping the stalking and never did stop.  Sarah tweeted a link to a fake Sarah Facebook a month or so ago and asked people to report it because the person was trying to add her family and friends on it to get more photos… that was Chelsey. She deleted the FB after Sarah tweeted about it. I’m not sure about the other members of Brendon’s family she had created fake accounts for, I haven’t checked recently to see if they’re still up… but this girl is positively insane. I wish so fucking badly I could somehow let EVERYONE in the fanbase know about this girl and what she’s done and that she runs these blogs, because the fact that she’s getting followers and likes and reblogs is giving her more and more strength and motivation to do more of what she’s doing.  She also hacked Shane Valdes (Brendon’s best friend) Facebook last year and Sarah confirmed this, telling me he’d lost access to his Facebook for a few months. During that time, Chelsey somehow managed to get Ryan Ross’s phone number and has been texting him AS BRENDON URIE ever since. I don’t think it’s still going on, I sure HOPE not, I hope Ryan wouldn’t be that naïve. But while she did that, she gorged incredibly deep and personal information out of Ryan about his family, his childhood, his life, and his relationship with Brendon and the band as a whole. It sickens me to my core that she lied to Ryan, making him think he was going to get to record a song with Brendon when it wasn’t even Brendon at all. So yeah. This girl is completely crazy and she needs to be stopped. These are the blogs that she runs that we know of. brendonurievines  sandburie fuckyeahlindaignarro clynnk Please avoid this girl, spread the word, even report her if you have to. This invasion of privacy on the boys and their families is beyond anything normal and sane and it needs to stop. Reblog and signal boost this, please. If you need any more information on the situation, check out Hannah’s PATD STALKER tag! she’s back on tumblr, ONCE AGAIN. avoid her. report her. ignore her. she needs MENTAL HELP. her new url; http://thebeautifullydepressed.tumblr.com/