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Bad, Beautiful, and Family: TUE 12:47 PM I wanted to say something and I'm not hitting on you respect your relationship and I'm married but you are fucking breathtakingly Hey I hope your doing well beautiful its unbelievable how gorgeous you are OCT 7, 6:57 AM I am my thank you very much TUE 10:01 PM I appreciate you being so honest all the time. I'm so glad you are happily married now I feel like that's what you have always wanted. Good I'm glad you look very happy! Awe thank you! You too!! And thank you by the way. MON 10:39 AM TUE 10:19 PM Неy I have always wanted to be married I've craved a family if MON 9:06 PM my own for a very long time I hope you and great and it's awvesome to see how happy you seem What's up? work out Not much you And as long as I've wanted a family you've always been a gorgeous smart caring person I really wish nothing but happiness for you I meant that I wanted you and T had fantasies about you I'm sure your wife would be upset that you said that. You TUE 11:32 PM will have to take it down a 3 Thank you I truly appreciate that. I can't wait to be married notch. If someone said something like that to my bf would freak out 5:11 AM I get it I was meaning past tense I meant no offense You'll be a beautiful bride and a great wife l'm sure Yeah I get that 9:54 AM I was being a little to honest The may be crossing the line but 14 year old me had a lot of thoughts about you on your wedding night haha I guess so haha I'm sorry haha I should not have said that it was way to 11:08 AM far What do you mean? Person talking to my S.O. started out innocently enough, then this happened. (Sorry for the bad editing)