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Love, Saw, and Sex: Brave jogger dubbed a hero after fighting off sex beast who was attempting to rape girl in Glasgow park 07 July 2014 0857 AM By Paul O'Hare ABDULL Oun was running in Kelvingrove Park when he heard the victim's screams and sprinted to the scene before knocking out the beast with a flying kick. urbanfantasyinspiration: supreme-leader-stoat: mylifeisafairy-tale: satansbitontheside: bathedinflames: nerdyandyouknowit: cheerfulmetaphysics: tsamthepoet: I hardly see any heroic posts about Muslims on here, so here you go. I love that it takes the time to specify that his attack of choice was a flying kick The hero the world needs I remember this. But I feel we’re missing some key points. When it happened, he was out jogging with his puppy: He heard screams and sprinted towards them. He jumped a fence, saw a man pinning a woman down and immediately fly-kicked him in the face, knocking him out. He then gave the woman his jacket because her dress was ripped and got her a taxi home. She only managed to get in contact with him and tell the papers cause she later found his driver’s license in the pocket of the jacket. “If I see a person in danger then I will intervene. I would not want to ignore it and then read the next day that a woman had been raped or murdered.” And his message to the attacker: “He is a coward and a man with no morals. I won’t forget his face.” Glaswegians will always fly kick someone I swear. Good on him. Something else I love about this is that they’re calling the rapist a “beast” because that is an appropriate word to use for someone who would do something that horrible instead of showing him any form of sympathy or humanizing him What a lad

urbanfantasyinspiration: supreme-leader-stoat: mylifeisafairy-tale: satansbitontheside: bathedinflames: nerdyandyouknowit: cheerfulmet...

Being Alone, Cats, and Do It Again: CAT BEHAvioURS ExplAiNED CATS FACES 2) CAT WITH EARS UPRIGHT, SITTING UP AND ALERT 1) CAT WITH EARS 3) CAT WITH EARS FLAT BACK, EYES WIDE OPEN FORWARD Im pleased to see you.If you hold outyour handImight give it a mlistening intently. Was it a bird bump to say hello (or a sniffifIoramouse?Im not sure but Im Im feeling scared or anxious am shy) offtofindout CATS NOISES MIAOW! PURRRR! MYIP!MYIP! 4) PURR 5) CHIRRUP /MIAOW HellolWelcome home! Is my dinnerready yet? 6) CHATTERING AT THE WINDOW I purr because of most things (dinner strokes, sitting in sunshine but mainly because youúve given me some form of I've spottedpreyoutside the window but I dont think Ican catch it contact andI like it. CATs PoSTURES 7) CAT WITH BACK HUNCHED UP AND TAIL AND FUR ON END, 8) CAT SHOWING YOU ITS BEHIND 9) CAT ROLLING ON BACK TO EXPOSE STOMACH GROWLING OR HISSINC Dont be offended Im just being friendly We cats say hello toeach Itrust you but watchyour fingers Im being defensive.lim puffing other by sniffing tails, just like ifyou decide to give me a tickle,I dogs. my hair out to make myselflook bigger so whatever Im scaredof leaves me alone. might be in the mood to play. Why DoEs My CAT Do THAr? 10) CAT BRINGING A CIFT 12) CAT KNEADING 11) CAT RUBBING AGAINST A TABLE / PERSON Imgetting comfy, kneading you is just like needing mymum. Im trying to teach you howto hunt.See what a goodhunter am. This is my home andIscent things to find mywayaround. 13) CAT IN A BoX / BAG 14) MONORAIL CAT CAT 15) CAT FACE, SHOWING WITH NO LEGS This might look silly to you, but it makes me feel safe-Ican seeyou but you cant seeme! SLOW CLOSING OF EYES WHILST MAKING EYE CONTACT Im happy and relaxed You could call this mysphinx loaforeven monorail position. Youre getting akiss.Ifyou copy me, Imightjust do it again.Iflam in the mood Sainsbury's Bank simonalkenmayer: ceoolsson: americaninfographic: Cat Behavior a lot of people tend to confuse cats showing their belly for belly rubs, but it’s actually only something dogs do, for cats its a sign of respect and trust, they are not expecting to get pet, so when they do it’s not uncommon they get startled or think its play fight, of course there are expectations and some cats who ADORES belly rubs Nothing explains cats. Tumblr stop trying to make a liar out of me.

simonalkenmayer: ceoolsson: americaninfographic: Cat Behavior a lot of people tend to confuse cats showing their belly for belly rubs, ...