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This is Taylor. Im allergic to cats, Ill let reddit decide: Taylor Today 11:30 AM All my life I've been told that everyman needs a good tailor.. now I realize they've been spelling it wrong this entire time Today 12:06 PM I love it E Hey there Today 1:01 PM You must be a dork. I was not expecting that to work haha Today 5:18 PM I am indeed Today 5:43 PM Day1 on tinder for me. What do you reccomend after a successful pickup line? 21 questions? Sexual innuen- dos? Snapchat? I wanna know what you reccomend. It's for science Today 6:09 PM For science aye Talk lol uhhhhh keep being you ? So about me, I'm adorable af. Leaving for the Basic Traini Today 7.08 PM Lol nice dude Today 8:03 PM Should be fun, but l'd rather talk about Taylor. Tell me something you're most proud of Today 9:16 PM Myself haha. Im proud of how I keep pushing forward no matter what life throws at me lol I'm proud of myself for surviving this summer working the most kick ass internship ever at house of blues and two other jobs basically lol. That's awesome, you're self confidence radiates and that's so attractive. Never lose that, no matter what the fuckboys tell you I destroy the fuckboyshehe Really love your tats. And find you interesting af already haha I'm so into your 2nd picture, you look so exhausted but incredibly sexy at the same time. Please tell me that cat is yours why thank you. It was captioned Satan is always watching" haha That little cats name is.. Satan and he is one of mine haha. Tell me about all the animals Simon is grey and clings to me Travis is black and white he loves EVERYONE. Precious is a talkative Siamese. Satan is a satanic orange fluff ball. And dobby is the house elf I mean morkie. He's like a little derpy chicken nugget. You are success-driven dorky Cat-Lady You're a Why thank you sir Cats are rad lol And the morkie is pretty rad sometimes too lol I want to superman jump onto your bed and hang out with the whole gang, mainly Satan though. That's not even a ploy to get into your pants. Lol satan is one little shit. If you can get him to like you I'll be impressed lol. wouldn't mind ya joining tho. What dorky movie you got lined up Oh my what a choice Step brothers So random, let's do it YAAAASSSSS BOATSANDHOES Created with Stitch & Share! This is Taylor. Im allergic to cats, Ill let reddit decide