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Man, Oh, Man, I Love Me Some Watersports: cerothenull spitblaze ghoulsjw Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island i love watersports it's my fav pastime tredlocity what's everyone laughing about i dont get it tredlocity bythepowerofscience Oh my sweet summer child Urban Dictionary is your friend watersports Sports Activities that are played in bodies of water, such as water skiing and water polo A fun, Christian activity for the whole family. by Champ April 08, 2002 i looked it up and i still don't get the joke? tredlocity Folks have been telling me to google weird shit and after several hours of doing so i still don't understand what they're talking about watersports movies l Shopping Images News Videos Me ettingsTools Movies > Watersports A Fairly Odd Summer 2014 Surfs Up 2007 Point Break 1991 onah Surf Ninjas 1993 2002 watersports lovers All Images Videos Shopping B ooksM Celebrities> Watersports Lovers Crush Tito Makani watersports fetish All Images News Videos Shopping More About 522,000,000 results (0.57 seconds) Showing results for watersports fun christian activity Search instead for watersports fun christian activity OIN MWU GAMES BROWSE THESAURUS WORD OF THE DAY VIDEO Merriam Webster SINCE 1828 DICTIONARY THESAURUS watersports noun wal Definition of watersports 1 :a sport that is played on a body of water by Christian families and sometimes families of other beliefs 2 : that's it, that's the only definition is this just a weird tumblr joke or am i missing something Source: ghoulsjw Man, Oh, Man, I Love Me Some Watersports