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Advice, Animals, and Bad: Horrible person Ok I serious need help/advice.... I don't even know how to really even start. I guess I can bluntly say I HATE OUR DOG!!! I've been dealing with him for the past 10 years and I have yet to bond with the stupid thing. My husband loves/likes him, well he use to absolutely love him but he is now mostly what we fight over! And since I don't like him so much and is causing SO much stress it is becoming an issue between us. We have a pug and he's smart but stupid. EVERYTHING he goes gets on my nerves!!!!!!! And some how I'm the main person that takes care of him. Don't get me wrong I LOVE animals I just don't like dogs in my house, which is weird because my entire family LOO00OVE dogs. Anyways that's besides the point. My kids like him and whatnot but no one gives him a bath. Every time he goes out and comes back in he just STINKS like wet dog for some reason. We got a new light blue couch and I don't want him on the couch bc he gets it dirty, I end up being the bad guy bc my friend oldest wants to snuggle with him on the couch but yet I'm the only one that washes the cushions! No one but me files down his toes nail and I always forget until I can't bare the sound of hearing them on the kitchen tile. I absolutely don't like dogs in the kitchen and he knows for the most far to just hide under the large cat tree bc it's carpet and he knows to only be on he carpeted areas. He stays in our kids playroom at night bc we've tried to let him stay in our room but he'll stay next to the bed smacking his mouth like something's stuck in it but it's just fried brain cells I think bc I've checked his mouth and there's nothing in it. He sleeps against the door and cleaning the room today I noticed that his fur is stuck in the carpet all along the wall and the wall is really dirty which is great bc we'all be moving by June and we're planning on selling the house and start taking pictures to put in on the market and now I have all his fur to pull out with my hand in the room and on the stairs bc the vacuum doesn't pick it up. It just seems to dig it in deeper to the carpet! He drools on the floor when he drinks water and gets the floor all nasty. He falls everyone around and that drives my husband nuts. He's so stupid that he stops eating his food bc he doesn't want to eat the same food all the time so I get smaller bags of different foods and he still does that. And he won't eat his food and get in the cat box, have cat litter stuck to his face and at that point I just want to kill him! I mean WTH!! Ahhhhh...!!!! ITS JUST CONSTANT STRESS!!! How tf do you hate a dog this much?

How tf do you hate a dog this much?

Masculine, Naughty, and Meat: He walks in on you while you’re beating the meat / smacking the patty and gives you a masculine, naughty grin. What do you do?

He walks in on you while you’re beating the meat / smacking the patty and gives you a masculine, naughty grin. What do you do?