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Apparently, Internet, and Memes: AT&T LTE VPN 11:33 AM Tweet Tru Respectful Memes 47% @krussykrabs So apparently I have a child and they've been doing naughty things on the internet ??????? Iwitter .ooo LTE VPN 10:01 AM Animal Jam HQ 9:55 AM to me GE ATTENTION! Dear Animal Jam Parent, This email is being sent in regards to your child's account (luca5724). This email is to inform you that this Animal Jam account has been temporarily suspended for 24 hours because of inappropriate behavior that violated the Animal Jam Rules Even though we have handled the situation in-game and our chat filter has kept most or all of this incident from entering the game world, this notice is being sent to the Parent Account email address we have on file as a courtesy because we believe that parents should be involved in their child's online experiences. We apologize for the vagueness of this email, but we are eager to help you understand the details and context of this issue. Feel free to contact our support team by replying to this email. Best regards, Animal Jam HQ Tweet your reply Home Explore Notifications Messages Me AT&T LTE VPN 11:34 AM Tweet Tru Respectful Memes ㄑ @krussykrabs Imma find out what they did AT&T LTE MA 10:02 AM ▼ Animal Jam HQ Re: Animal Jam Account SUSPENDED Hi! Can I ask what they did? On Fri, May 26, 2017 at 9:55 AM Animal Jam HQ -Concerned Mum@ <support@animaljam.com> wrote I GEOGRAP SMILEYS&PEOPLE Tweet your reply Home Explore Notifications Messages Me AT&T LTE VPN 11:34 AM Tweet iru Respecttul Memes ④ 47% @krussykrabs my newfound son said fuck apparently OO AT&T LTE VPN 11:31 AM Thank you for contacting Animal Jam Support Headquarters. We understand that you have some concerns regarding a suspension that was placed orn your Animal Jam account. For the incident in question, chat activity logged under the user account luca57241 include inappropriate language. Here at Animal Jam, we employ a state-of-the-art filtration system to keep all players as safe as possible. o use Please note that any action or changes made on an Animal Jam Play Wild! account will also action or change the same account on the Animal Jam website. This occurs whether the change or action is done on the Animal Jam website account or the Animal Jam Play Wild! account. ver 17-05-26 10:55:39 luca5724 f*ck Because Animal Jam cares deeply about the Tweet your reply Home Explore Notifications Messages Me theawesomeadventurer: theawesomeadventurer: theawesomeadventurer: bigblackcrocs: theawesomeadventurer: I don’t know who used my email as their parent email but this is the funniest thing that’s happened to me all week Discipline your child apparently I can change the password on the account but I’m wondering if that’s too evil 😩😂 *hacker voice* im in for those curious the new password is “dontsayfuck”  lmaooo okay now this is just getting wild tell me why this kid made a new account and STILL used my email as their parent email like what is happening my son is out of control