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Beautiful, Dude, and Memes: spacehumans-inspace Humans are ADAPTABLE. As FUCK. Just because something happens to a limb, or part of the body, or a sense, it doesn't actually mean anything. Loose a limb? Put a new one on. Broken bone split open the skin? Pop it back into place and stitch it up. Paralyzed/ physically incapacitated? Wheelchair. Heart problems? Here's a new one. Or, even better, a ROBOT one. Blind? Well, who's to say we don't just outright develop echolocation? Humans are are amazing at adapting to situations that would totally ruin or kill any amount of other species Our adaptability and ingenuity in the application of tools and aides set us apart from other alien species, because who else, apart from stubborn, mad geniuses, would think 'right, something's broken beyond all repair? Or even gone completely? We can sort that out. "Right. So, you're telling me, that you lost BOTH of your legs in war, and instead of dying because you've lost half your body, you just... stuck new ones on?" "Basically, yeah. They're bio-mechanical and detachable. Wanna see?" "Wait, you're paralyzed from the waist down? But surely that's enough of an excuse to... stop working? Rest? You're stuck in that wheeled contraption! Isn't that horrendously awkward and tiring?" "Stuck? Dude, if I didn't have a wheelchair, THEN I'd be stuck. It can be awkward, sure, when places don't have ramps and wide enough doors and stuff, but apart from that, the chair lets me... be free again. It allows me to move and be a contributing human being again. Just, yknow. I've got wheels instead of legs." "You're blind? Wait, if you can't see, then why are you on this ship? Our visually impaired never pass even the first level of clearance Well, I'm hardly a navigator, am I? I'm a translator, I don't need to see. I can speak five earth languages and seven alien languages, and I can get around perfectlyI fine, thank you very much. Besides, that's why l've got my cane "But... you can't see? How can you read?" "Braille, mate. Besides, nobody writes anymore. It's all audio or that brain transmission telepathy shit anyway. "Your crewmate appears to act differently to most other humans I've encountered?" "Oh, Alec? He's lovely. He's got this thing called Aspergers, and whilst there's nothing technically wrong with him, it just means he... he processes things differently to someone without it. He doesn't understand jokes or sarcasm or anything, but he's really kind, and has an amazing green thumb. He tends to the onboard gardens." Right, so I've tried to make a little bit of disability positivity in this little drabble here. If anything I've written here upsets anyone, or appears as incorrect, I apologize sincerely! 2,474 notas positive-memes 99+ Humans are beautiful