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The screenshot gave him away (reposted with proper censoring): r/ChoosingBeggars Posted by u 3h i.redd.it Update from previous post: The cb saw himself on reddit and wanted me to remove the post, but still wanted me to pay him Sat 5:26 pm r/ChoosingBeggars Posted by 3d i.red.. Yeah I need exposure, but not this way, also I think the amount of emojis he used is scary Today 4:59 pm Hello could I post your song on my profile? I think it is very good and I think it will fetch a lot of attention, for me and you! Uhh.. Ok? Idk, if you really do just tag me or smthn Alrinht ill not it WTF! ARE YOU AUTSIM?? WHY YOU PUT OUR PRIVATE CONVERSATION ON POST REDDIT!!? REMOVE NOW OR I HACK YOUR ACCOUNTS AND DELETE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Lmao IAM THAT GUY @k NOW!!! IT IS OUR PRIVACY SO REMOVE First off, I blocked your profile pic, and I didn't reveal your @.I think you should be grateful already. Secondly, you aremaking this worse by trying to coming up with shit to get me to remove my post. Can't you request nicely? eXCUSE ME? FUCKER! YOU ARE A IOT! HAVE FRIEND WHOS WROKING IN INSTAGRAN HEADQUATERS!!! HE WILL DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT If your "friend" really does exist, and really deletes my account, I am sure one complaint to Insta will solve it all and your friend will lose his/her job. So ye go ahead Also chill with the caps LAST OFFER, I DON'T POŠT YOUR SONG THEN YOU DELETE, AND YOU GET A 80% DISCOUNT AND I DO NOT DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT! IAM SURE YOU KNOW I NEEDED POSTS AND NICE CONTENTS TO KEEP MY FOLLOWERS HEALTHY! YOU NEED ADVETSITMENT RIGHT?? WIN WIN SITUATION???!!! Dude NOT REMOVING MY POST IS LITTERALLY HARRASING ME. I WILL REPORT YOU! AND DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT.... JUST ACCEPT THE OFFER AND LET ME POST YOU SONG!!!?? Jesus you are really funny as hell Also u should for english classes xd ME NOT FUNNY YOU!! FOOLISH PERSON IDIOT FURRY?! Hey man I reported you for harassment and spam so... Yeah gluck with your 2k followers !???? I WILL BLOCKED YOU! REMOVE THE POST REDDIT!!NOW YOU ARE A FUCK uble-tap to like You've blocked Delete chat 1.9k Share 214 Award SINGLE COMMENT THREAD VIEW ALL 10m Wait so you're saying he took a screenshot this post from your account and sent it to you via dm?? Something smells fishy in here. r/quityourbullshit 1 Reply The screenshot gave him away (reposted with proper censoring)