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Alive, Ass, and Beard: THE VIRGIN SPACE WOLVES THE CHAD DARK ANGELS Manly scent of secrets and Rides in the galaxy's second largest biker gang THE CHAD THOUSAND SONS incense Majestic color scheme to match his space wizard powers Turns into a furry if he gets Unkempt beard >700 years old and already balding too angry Inquisition knows all about his secrets; doesn't care as long as he's loyal Always has a plan, nobody knows what it is until he's won Bros with the Grey Knights Successfully prevented the Changeling from freeing the Fallen Planet fucked up by the Still more scared of battle and purged by the Grey Knights, still vaccuum cleaners than the Thousand Sons in use Bullies other chapters because he knows he can't be as good Grey Knights kicked his ass for doing chaos shit with the ""Spirits of Fenris"" Battles are carefully coordinated and executed flawlessly Beer gut from partying all the time in his stupid viking hut Rides a magic frisbee Fall of Caliban: Epic tale of betrayal and shame that he spends every day of his chadly life atoning for Siege of Fenris: Needed the Unforgiven and the Inquisition to save his ass, Baby blue armor with bone and fur glued on Kickass robes and cowls, still look like monastic order of knights used chaos artifacts. Won tactically but lost hard strategically Goes out with Tzaangor buddies on the weekends to prank Mortarion Still basically a legion through successor chapter organization so he can pretend to be codex compliant, Inquisition is chill about it Burning of Prospero: Horus tricked Russ into getting mad and fucking up the library planet, no honor for the victors On all levels except physical, I am a traitor legion Hangs out with Watchers in the Dark and throws them "b-bro no really Russ is alive in the warp he's not a daemon prince of Khorne bro it's not like that" bread crumbs Can't think strategically; only good at charges and Prospero being reclaimed as a direct consequence of sacrifcing an entire planet in the Fenris system last stands Does whatever the fuck he wants, nobody gives a shit because he's so cool Smells like a wet dog fleas Whole fucking planet gets ripped apart by the warp, gets several new ones and a baller mobile fortress-monastery Crazy powerful sorceror commanding an army of haunted armor with his mind Has a pet wolf or something Cut out the middleman and sold his soul to the Changer of El'Jonson won the duel instead of a vehicle Just sayin Ways himself Used as a puppet by Tzeentch since the The Lion is alive and ready to kick ass as soon Heresy as he's needed Russ is actually alive but is too embarrassed by his furry kids to come back Magnus the Red is a huge-ass daemon primarch now and is fucking shit up on a galactic scale (which is probably going to be soon) "What in the wolf did ya just howlin' say about me, ya little milksop? I'll have ya know..."