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4chan, Alive, and America: A flowchart of potential outcomes for tomorrow's raid junglebox24 Raid commences Team 51's valiant effort and immensely- favourable odds allow them to overcome their WARNING September 20, 2019 sometime on this date. Personnel on site invading enemy. They are not without casualties however, and the subsequent legal and medical investigations create an enormous strain on an already-faltering US economy. The government implements Orwellian monitoring of the internet, Reddit in particular, to ensure that no such event can organically grow from an innocent meme ever again. notice a number of THE END STOP people on the horizon. hl In an unlikely turn of events, Raiders discover the hauntingly accurate predictions of many memers. The world is now blessed with Reddit 2, Half-Life 3, a list of Shrek sequel release dates and the formula on how to delete games that Reddit deems inferior and which aren't aimed at the site's average age bracket. As many anticipated, caged aliens are everywhere in the deeper facility. They all look to be of differing origins and temperments. A sole door awaits on the other side. It's shady, rotten and creepy. Karen, 43 from Maryland knows that nowhere in the world is off-limits to her and she rapidly waddles to it. She opens the door to find an initially-confusing sight. Ravenous alien cells are firebombed without a second thought. Some kid raiders free smaller aliens and keep them as pets, completely unaware of their needs, behaviour or future affect on our ecosystem. Cuter aliens that resemble pets are freed in a unanimous decision by the raiders who took a class on biology 5 years ago at an online college. An eerily quiet kid dressed in all-black uses one of the guard's guns to indiscriminately destroy an entire room of beings. A man, around 50, chained by the leg to a grounded steel peg. He waits for the room to populate with shocked raiders before feebly standing. The two parties lock eyes and the raiders prepare their weapons, not knowing what kind of alien force they are about to combat. A significant number of raiders realise the Despite impressive numbers, the raiders are overwhelmed upon an aggressive approach by elite weaponry and stringently-trained guards. With tact and intellect, the raiders get the jump on the guards with shere numbers and THE ENE gravity of their choice and flee. Stragglers obscure battle tactics. Team 51 continue on but leave The military stand down when presented with the freed aliens. Weeks later orbital disturbance on a grand scale is observed. Spokespeople from Area 51 curse the raiders for removing the aliens from a safe zone, allowing their positions to be tracked by their home planets. The aged man begins dancing as an all-too-familiar drum beat kicks in and he starts to sing, "We're no strangers to love..." engage in a skirmish with many overweight, weak-bearded, pale, obnoxious, liberal rich kid, conservative adrenaline junkie, developmentally challenged and/or weeabo0 foes, using up when guards tell them they're about to commit a federal The massacre is documented, officials are offence. The raiders' dedication pays off and a rainbow-haired feminst who has appointed himself "Commander" approaches a sealed submarine style-door. 2nd-in command obese teenager with a vulgar PS4 name drags a dismembered and faintly alive guard to the door for more information on what awaits them beyond it. A minutia of Raiders decide to quit while they're ahead and leave. The remainers prepare themselves with their switchblades, hockey sticks and hot sauce-filled water guns to enter the unknown and make history, for better or worse. The guard is forced to tell the passcode to Rainbow and everyone braces themselves tentatively for him to enter it and for their fates to be sealed. indicted and the brutal THE ENE Earth is invaded as numerous intergalactic Reddit-style sites eagerly look forward to the Earth Raid and post relentless memes about what theyll find here. extermination of the raiders' populus is all but forgotten in a matter of an unprecedented amount of ammunition as the higher echelons decide on dynamic Raiders successfully overwhelm the guards as emergency military backup arrives to de- escalate the conflict by any means necessary. They however are kept at bay by Raiders who've acquired the fallen's rifles and other weaponry. The negotiations allow the infiltrated raiders to begin conducting their search for the elusive secrets of the secretive military base, not really knowing what they're looking for and potentially completely underequipped to deal with anything they do happen to find. THE END Amongst the concentration camps, Raiders are labelled as traitors to the human race. Many are exiled, executed, left to starve or otherwise exposed to barbaric treatment. The aliens colonise us efficiently and solve our overpopulation problem without prejudice. The Rainbow-haired commander is kept as a sex slave by Grand Emperor Zingajoop in a twisted thank you for revealing their location. months. courses of action. THE END Desperate to keep the secrets of Area 51 as they are, the world leaders agree on a spontaneous nuclear bombardment. Figuring it better to destroy the knowledge than allow it to become public knowledge, they launch a trio of bombs at the base, allowing collateral damage to be catastrophic. Man's progress is reset. Literature, science, monuments, art and landmarks are obliterated as we all contemplate our pending demise once the aliens have had us complete pyramids and statues in their honour. Civil war erupts as the decision is hailed as malevolent. The US becomes engulfed in fire and war, as do many other Western nations. The Raiders go down as pioneers and legends who paid the ultimate price for freedom and exploration. Several bomb-proof sentient beings emerge from ground zero and assist in the war by shooting at anything and everything. THE END Before too long, humans are almost entirely eradicated. A spaceship descends to a troop of aliens waiting to greet he who steps off. The landing opens and a white-haired, robed man pacingly smokes a cigarette marches down, the aliens all bowing. Before flicking his cigarette and returning into the ship, he utters, "Hmm. Lasted longer than I thought. Reset the simulation, let's try it from the start." The raid ends in a bittersweet finale. Despite total victory, there is nothing of understandable value to be discovered. That which is, such as luminescent slug or fauna life, are squashed by sugar-rushed teenage raiders who thought it would be cool to do such a thing. The American military, although sworn to defend the country, do not forget such a heinous and brazen betrayal by its own citizens. Having never seen death or such extreme violence before, many raiders vomit, collapse or otherwise experience horrific physiological responses to the bloodshed. Many flee or submit to the armed guards. The more timid are returned to their parents and accept that violent resistance is best left to the movies. Self-titled "Elite Hackers" from Reddit, 4chan and likewise commit their lunch breaks and toilet time to aiding the Raiders in any way they can. The more proficient attempt to hack into Area 51's intranet to shut down the base or give them misdirection in order to better the chances of raid success. The majority of these hackers however stay on Reddit to post memes about regretting the raid after alien overlords envelop us or try to find the handful of Raiders livestreaming the carnage and their own downfall for all to see. Many simply visit the various associated sites to "like" articles on the raid or upvote the inevitable flood of memes which bombard all meme pages for the day. THE END The folly of the raiders is realised and the warnings ignored. Dark lord and recent pop resurrection Cthulu is awoken. In accordance with 2019, the omnipotent beast starts to exterminate everyone around it but numerous protestors form to stop harm from coming to the God. The expanse of the facility is huge and raiders split to explore the floors and quadrants. Unfathomable truths are found. Pristine pieces of forgotten art decorate the walls. Countless new species and hybrid organisms are found frolicking and thriving. Space-age weaponry and military-applied objects litter the area, making for a hell of a livestream. Violent raiders are given a beasting in nearby cells until they are collected by law enforcement and charged, leading to a record number of prison sentences and a lot of f's to be typed on Reddit the following day. Cries of anguish ring throughout the base as those on the outside realise that something unstoppable has been unleashed. Centuries of pain and decimation are guaranteed and the fate of the human race is irreversibly sealed. In the days before the reign of darkness commences, many anarchist groups and die hard fans of the Joker from Batman express apathy and a lack of remorse for humanity's fate. Weeks later the homes of every US citizen are knocked on, and eradicated. Pockets of survivors investigate and find out that the military had organised a revenge raid on America to get payback. Regardless of the outcome, almost all who digitally attended the raid will claim to be a part of the raid and brag amongst friends after scanning the area for any police officers or sketchy agent-types. US Government faces extreme backlash for keeping such knowledge from the public. The Raiders use their unbeatable new tech to battle the surrounding military and escape, bringing forth a new era of futuristic splendour and scientific wonder. One wealthy survivor makes it to another planet thanks to the efforts of his company, Space-X. THE END THE END THE END The Raid goes down in history as a defining moment for America and it's participants are hailed as heros. This gives the internet a brilliant idea, and on June 13th, 2020, Area 52 is raided. THE END «E I'm recording this, because this could be the last thing I'll ever say The city I once knew as home is teetering on the edge of radioactive oblivion A three-hundred thousand degree baptism by nuclear fire I'm not sorry, we had it coming...

I'm recording this, because this could be the last thing I'll ever say The city I once knew as home is teetering on the edge of radioactive ...

Facepalm, Illuminati, and Ugly: Verizon 10:24 PM 88% t 97 T Share 75 Award 5h I'm going to say this for everyone that thinks that SpaceX is responsible for what's happening in this video. You can go research back through history Through out Time back in the past N see there are sum same celestial events throughout History and see the same events. So now you telling me that was SpaceX was responsible back then to for the same events. we've know for a fact the program has not heen running that long. So how can space X be responsible now. I don't see how y'all believe any Corporation. Anyways second of all they are plugged in with the Illuminati and Freemason order magicians they know how to pull out the greatest Illusions okay if you don't know what are losing is please go Define it goes research to go look it up okay anybody can plan a time to send a rocket up and make something look like something is not but it's up to the beholder to see it for what it truly is okay beauty lies with the beholder okay cuz somebody else can come along and say it's ugly okay the same thing with the illusion okay please wake up Reply Bh I agree. Dont really care what other people think about this I know in my heart it is something other than what big corporations are saying. Why anyone would believe those filthy liars with how much deception has already been unveiled in the past is beyond me. Because at the end of the day it doesn't matter what is truly is going on in that video. Mayb it is stupid space rocket, maybe it's not. The truth is Woke Redditor Uses Genius Deduction To Expose SpaceX

Woke Redditor Uses Genius Deduction To Expose SpaceX