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Animals, Clothes, and Crying: Should I get rid of my dog if my boyfriend hates it? He told me not to get rid of my dog but feel like the little guy deserves a loving home. Yes my dog is one of the yappy small ones but he's a good dog. Teodora Motateanu, I love my 3 mastiffs Updated Sep 13 I'll be brutally honest and I don't go anonymous. I've been in exactly the same situation. Except that my dogs are not small nor yappy: they're mastiffs. 60 kg each. He of course never hit them in front of me or when he thought I could see. But l know my dogs. One of them gave clear clues that something's off That dog male, young unaltered Cane Corso - could've ripped my ex. apart in no time at all. He didn't. The dog was more intelligent than him. All my dog did for couple of months was to avoid the jerk. He silently left the room anytime the ex. was around. He left the bed and stopped cuddling whenever ex. entered the room And when the ex. escalated to hitting me the dog slowly stood up and moved towards us: he got in between. Submissively. He put his big body in front of me, to be hit instead of me. Choose for yourself, who you want to keep. naamahdarling: purplepints: cellular-thirst: catscatsholyshitcats: katnissdoesnotfollowback: corpsefluid: hmsindecision: feeltheberd: im crying Do you know how many dogs I’ve met that get scared or anxious around men because in their previous home men hit them? A lot, and they are very protective of the women who have adopted them now. Men who are violent towards women are often violent towards animals as well. They think we’re all chattel. If a man wants you to choose between your dog or cat or him, dump the guy. Those animals will love you for the rest of your life, loyal and true. Actually, I have something to add. The other day I saw a story where a woman was asking why her dogs had suddenly started growling at her boyfriend whenever he was in the same room as her son. And my immediate thought was ‘that boyfriend has hurt the kid somehow.’ Spoilers: that was exactly the case. Trust ur dogs when they say something is off. The first time my sister came to visit, via plane, after I got my dog, pupper growled at her and wouldn’t go near her for the first day. Next visit was by car (two day drive)and pupper LOVED my sister. They snuggled and played and none of us could figure out why the change. We thought maybe the scent of my sisters cat had lingered on her clothes, making that first visit a rough one. Whereas when she came by car, the scent had had time to wear off. Well that was partially true… Fast forward about six months when I went north to visit my family. My sister walked into my parents’ house and pupper ran to greet my sister. Stopped dead in her tracks and started growling and barking. Hackles raised, full protection mode. My sisters husband had just walked in behind her. My precious puppy wanted NOTHING to do with him. She barked, growled, ran away, and sat between him and my sister. Y'all my dog had spent maybe a weekend a half around my sister but protected her like this was her flesh and blood. Eventually, my sister filed for divorce on grounds of “Extreme and repeated mental, emotional, and sexual abuse.” Divorce was final in less than a month because her claims were substantiated. Trust the dog, honey. They KNOW. I’ve never owned dogs, but I used to work with horses (which are a lot like big dogs). There was this one horse I worked with named Tonto. He was a doll. He followed me like a puppy, snuck treats out of my pocket, he was the sweetest thing. We were practically inseparable. A guy I was considering dating came to visit me one day, and Tonto wanted NOTHING to do with him. Normally well behaved, he shoved himself between us and would NOT let this guy near me. He was stomping, acting really aggressive, and tried to bite the guy. This horse was practically dragging me back toward the barn. At that moment, despite being like, 17, I knew something was up, and ultimately things didn’t pan out for guy and me. A year later I found out he had lied about his age (he said he was 18 but he was actually 27) he was arrested for sexually assaulting an 11 year old girl. TRUST THE ANIMALS. ALWAYS TRUST THE BABS Animals recognize predators. The reply with the mastiff gets me every single time. I’m not a dog person but my god, they are Good Animals.