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Beautiful, Crime, and Disappointed: 48% 48% Li 0.1 K/s 48% Li OK/s 10:16 AM 10:17 AM 10:17 AM illOK/s Replies Replies Replies 8h Reply Like Yeah some people like chubby looking girls and you know, girls that look average. You already have more than enough perfect looking waifus around Reality disappointed us enough Thats why world, where it safe from sjw and we can have beauty beautiful without subjecting to any bullshit standard people keep coming up with. But i guess nowhere is safe now we are retreat to the 2D idk man. Its sickening that the real world are suffocated because of sjw. Now as it should be, pure we cant like beautiful slender 1 8h Like Reply girls anymore because thats unrealistic and subjecting women to some crap that they |but people are treating it like a crime now. come up with. And we are force to accept anything is beautiful Im just a simple guy, i like what i like, i like what stir an emotion in me, not because of those 8h Like Reply Are We all have to force to accept it without our own standards anymore? If i said i dont like chubby girl and prefer slender surreal beautiful girl, suddenly im a scumbag that's fucking cringe 8h Like Reply philosophy shit And i thoughi was safe here in the 2D world. Where i can maybe, yeah.3 )r enjoy beauty as it should be. But i 8h Like Reply 8h Reply Like guess even this haven is contaminated now damn... this is the most pathetic Are you okay buddy? This is some weird shit to say yk 8h Like Reply comment i've seen in my entire life lel Like Reply 8h 8h Reply Like This is some next level sad Photo Write a reply... Write a reply... Write a reply... GIF GIF CIE Man feel 'threatened' IRL because of SJW and disappointed that even in 2D he can't have "beauty as it should be". Post was talking about a chubby game character.