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Confused, Definitely, and Gif: ASHETRACER D.VA BRIGITTE PHARAH ZARYA MEI Ca.n) SYMMETRA WIDOWMAKER MERCY SOMBRA ANA MOIRA nanaartas: I was really confused because people have been complaining about how all of the female characters from Overwatch have the same face and I’ve never really seen it that way so I went and did a study on their face shapes and structures by tracing reference lines over official art of them and they are literally all different. They have different face shapes and facial structures, different eye shapes, even different eyebrows so no, the Overwatch artists are definitely not ‘reusing the same female model’ as so many people have been saying. Overwatch is an awesome game with great representation and diversity and I hate to watch it get shit on like this. Its okay to be critical of something but not to the point where people are harassing the artists and creators over it on Twitter. That team works really hard and deals with a lot of harassment from fans and should be given some well deserved credit. To any fanartists who see this post, feel free to use this image as a reference for fanart so that you can get the face shapes and stuff on point, and also, y’all overwatch fanartists rock. Stay cool.Edit: I know someone is going to reblog this with that gif (you know the one) but I’d like to point out that 1.That gif is incredibly cherry-picked and specifically leaves out characters with seriously different faces like Zarya. 2. The womens faces are angled specifically to downplay unique facial structures and shapes. 3. The gif was made to move quickly to make the faces seem to blur together on purpose because considering the creator cherry-picked the hell out of the gif I wouldn’t put it passed them to make it extra fast (so that you don’t have time to pick out differences) just to make their point valid (even though in the gif you can still see that not everything lines up perfectly). - Thanks