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Academy Awards, Albert Einstein, and Bill Gates: DOYOUNEED MENTORS? (OR BOOKS)... the youngest billionaire at the started WATCH THE FULL VIDEO: TAILOPEZ.COMMENTORS Watch this important full video: tailopez.com-mentors - Here's a list of famous people and their mentors: MENTEE-MENTORS - DESCRIPTION 1. Steve Jobs-Robert Friedland - Founded Apple... 2. Albert Einstein-Max Talmey - Developed the Theory of Relativity... 3. Stephen Hawkings-Dennis W. Sciama - Developed Theories of Black Holes and Quantum Physics... 4. Mark Zuckerberg-Steve Jobs - Created Facebook... 5. Bill Gates-Ed Roberts - Created Microsoft... 6. Bruce Lee-IP Man - Martial Artist... 7. Warren Buffett-Benjamin Graham - Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway worth over $500 billion... 8. Jeff Bezos-Bill Campbell - Created Amazon... 9. Conor McGregor-John Kavanagh - MMA Fighter... 10. Andrew Carnegie-Thomas Scott - Industrialist, Expanded Steel Industry... 11. Robin-Batman - Fought Evil Super Villains 12. Michael Jordan-Phil Jackson-Dean Smith - 6 Time NBA Champion, 5 Time NBA MVP... 13. Oprah Winfrey-Mary Duncan-Maya Angelou - Highest Rated Talk Show... 14. Sam Walton-L. S. Robson - Created Walmart.... 15. Jay Z-Lyor Cohen - Started Roc NationSteve n 16. Martin Luther King Jr.-Benjamin Mays - Led Civil Rights Movement... 17. Will Smith-Muhammad Ali - Actor and Producer... 18. Barrack Obama-Frank Marshall Davis - Former President Of The United States... 19. Tom Hanks-Rawley Farnsworth - Actor and Filmmaker... 20. Denzel Washington-Sidney Poitier - Academy Award Winning Actor.... 21. Larry Page-Steve Jobs - Co-founder of Google... 22. Bill Hewlett and David Packard-Frederick Terman - Started Hewlett-Packard... 23. Marc Benioff-Larry Ellison - Founder and Chairman of Salesforce... 24. Michael Dell-Lee Walker - Chairman and CEO of Dell... 25. Jack Dorsey-Ray Chambers - Founded Twitter 26. Kobe Bryant-Michael Jordan - 5 Time NBA Champion, 4 Time NBA MVP... 27. Nikola Tesla-Sir William Crookes - Famous Engineer and Inventor, Invented the “Tesla coil”.. People lie, but the numbers don't. Look at the numbers above is a list of facts you can check yourself if you don't believe that.
Bob Marley, Malcolm X, and Memes: The strongest people make time to help others, even if they're struggling with their own personal problems Social media isn't true power. Money isn't true power. Violence isn't true power. Status isn't true power. Neither is reputation. The enslaved & suffragettes didn't ask for power they took it. True power is self worth & purpose. Remove yourself of what you are told to be-society & you will begin to discover who you are. You can't discover true power in a book, as true power has to be true to you. I can't tell you what true power is, because it has to come from within you. So this is just my opinion, do I think I am powerful, yes. Many people give away their power just by believing they had none in the first place. True power isn't idolising straight hair when yours is naturally curly. True power isn't becoming darker when you are naturally fair. True power isn't paying people to do things for you, if you didn't pay them would they do it for free? If there was no such thing as fame would you be impressed by the people you emulate. Would you still back your favourite rapper. Would you still work hard to afford the latest fashion trend. True power is knowing where you came from, then knowing where you are going & why. True power is knowledge of self & others. True power is having the strength to help others regardless of your situation. True power doesn't manifest itself physically, just because you can lift or run doesn't mean you are truly powerful. True power is not religion, it is doing the right thing every time, despite what we are told, in our hearts we all know what that is! Stephen hawking changed the way the whole world thinks from a chair, yet he can't move. Bob Marley united countries with his voice. Nanny of the maroons, Harriet Tubman were freedom fighters just like Mandela. Malcolm X & Martin Luther died for us, yet we concentrate on a man who lived 2000 years ago, there is no evidence he died for us, good story though, same goes for Horus. Einstein thought differently to everybody else, now physicists think about him everyday. I could go on forever because everyone of us has power. Nobody got power by asking for it. Question is will you believe in yourself? chakabars

Social media isn't true power. Money isn't true power. Violence isn't true power. Status isn't true power. Neither is reputation. The enslav...