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gold-talisman: Coworker told this story today and there was a literal outpouring of love. Representation matters  : Boon Cotter @booncotter Follow A story I want to share cos I think being authentic is your best asset: So, I broke down crying in my interview for @Naughty Dog. 1/x 11:11 AM-5 Sep 2017 1,416 Retweets 3,594 Likes Tweet your reply Boon Cotter@booncotter 10h Replying to @booncotter @Naughty_Dog I had just flown halfway around the world, my first time out of Australia, and it was to interview for a job I KNEW I wouldn't get. 2/x Boon Cotter@booncotter 10h It didn't matter tho, I was so fucking beyond starstruck to be in LA at the Naughty Dog office. I was like a kid at Disneyland. 3/x Boon Cotter@booncotter 10h I went in not overthinking anything, just determined to be myself and meet these fucken rad people I adored. 4/x Boon Cotter@booncotter 10h During the interview, @bruce_straley walked in and I kinda pooped in my pants a little. He asked me some Q's I had horrible A's for. 5/x 91t282 Boon Cotter@booncotter 10h Bruce: So you were a lead artist on your last project? How many artists were there? Me: Er... LOL... Just me (Everyone laughs) 6%x 91tl 1 269 Boon Cotter@booncotter 10h Then he asks "Why do you want to work at Naughty Dog?". I began to answer a true, but rote, response: You're the best, blah blah. 7/x 91tl 12 266 Boon Cotter@booncotter 10h But then I stopped and said... "Ugh. No. It's Bill (from TLoU)." and everyone looked at me with this kind of bemused curiosity. 8/x Boon Cotter@booncotter 10h I told them it was the first time l'd seen a gay man portrayed as this gruff, masculine, tragically heroic type of character. 9/x 91t 17 392 Boon Cotter@booncotter 10h He wasn't a punchline to a joke. He wasn't overtly stereotypical. A lot of players didn't even pick up that he was gay. 10/x Boon Cotter@booncotter 10h I told them thatl saw myself represented for the first time. A burly, hairy daddy bear character, a guy respected and understood. 11/x 91tl 15 391 Boon Cotter@booncotter 10h That made me fall in love with evervone here, And telling them that made me start crying. WHO THE FUCK CRIES IN A JOB INTERVIEW? 12/x 4 Boon Cotter @booncotter 10h Anyway, fast forward to 3 hours later and I was shitface drunk on margaritas and hired to work at my favorite game company on Earth. 13/x Boon Cotter@booncotter 10h Moral to the story: Don't underestimate authenticity. Be raw, be vulnerable, be real. That's where your uniqueness shines. 14/x 028 151 1.4K Boon Cotter@booncotter 8h To wrap it up, this was the day. Dat grin wouldn't leave my face, even with Nate giving me stink eye. AUGH 5 more replies gold-talisman: Coworker told this story today and there was a literal outpouring of love. Representation matters