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Cars, Energy, and Family: LITTLE KNOWN FACT CTING CONS SNESS ANTI-GRAVITY, FREE ENERGY AND EXOTIC TECH IS INTENTIONALLY SUPPRESSED FROM THE PUBLIC. THERE IS NO ENERGY CRISIS, THERE IS A CORRUPTION CRISIS IF THIS WERENT THE CASE, WE WOULD BE IN WATER-POWERED VEHICLES, LIVING IN LEVITATING CITIES. LEAVING REMAINING FORESTS INTACT, UTILIZING HEMP AND IT'S 10,000+ USES, LIVING IN COMPLETE ABUNDANCE. THIS IS A REALITY WE CAN CREATE 😳 Follow- @connecting_consciousness & @connecting.consciousness ▪️ If you think this is impossible, you have been enslaved through lack of knowledge.📚 if you think what you get taught at school is accurate, you'd be wrong.📍 Your entire school system is owned by 1 family which own all NATO countries as private corporations.🏛 You would be very surprised to find the depth of corruption and misinformation.🎭 ▪️ Research John Hutchison, Stan Meyer, Barrie Trower, Deborah Tavares, Harald Kautz Vella and Edward Leedskalnin.💯 ▪️ TRUTH is stranger than fiction. All of this technology exists but it's being governmentally, corporately suppressed.➿ Right now money💵 is being used to control humanity to try and keep it in a lowered state🤤. While teaching we are at the height of science and technology😂 ▪️ Do you think corporations want to wake up tomorrow without any money because we're using water to power our cars instead of petrol?🤔hmm. How many industries would go out of business if they implemented anti gravity vehicles as well?😳🎯 Road workers would go out of business, multi billion dollar asphalt companies, big oil would take a hit, list goes on just THINK about it.📃 ▪️ Why do all these guys who rediscover free energy and anti gravity technology go missing, end up dead, names get smeared and ALL their work gets seized?? Ask yourself🤔

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