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Anaconda, Apparently, and Baseball: email the editor at allie.odi [meme of the month] Rayto ocO000 Grandma: Are you hungry? Student athlete: I stay hungry I'm eatin-4 s on the court court meal i g#D|BOUND the only time , caig that a tu ezt Cop: sir pull over Student Athlete: over?the dentist: you need to stop grinding your teeth student athlete: Stop Grinding? The Grind |lseason is never over Never Stops No Breaks We Stay Dream Chasing ima grind till the day I die John 3:16An PHOTOS PROVIDED BY TWITTER ating where so many great me- sponse to the mockery has further fueled In an attempt to fight back, on Twitter.com. A dialogue-based meme, Scott Meadows, a high school coach Student Athlete mocks the frequently seen tweeted a photo of four high school doing homework with letes who take themselves very seriously. the caption, "Student Athletes! Baseball mes do, the "Student Athlete" meme began the meme. attitudes of high school and college ath- boys apparently These memes are structured in a state- players working hard, In between work- intro from the outs." Upon closer examination, one of tweeter and then the overly exaggerated the acclaimed student athletes is simply response of the athlete. These respons- holding a piece of paper and pretend es typically feature something about "the ing to write, with no pen or pencil to be grind," a bible verse and a "RIP *assorted found family member.*" The words themselves The studert are sprinkled with emojis, some more fre- be here a long time, but it is here for a quently than others: the 100 emoji, the good time praying hands, the laugh-cry face, and the purple devil face are all frequently used athlete meme may not Started February 29 by Twitter user @ beyonseh, the meme gained popularity as <p>School newspaper used Student Athlete meme, its been adopted by the normies. Sell, sell, sell! via /r/MemeEconomy <a href="http://ift.tt/2oiyXDt">http://ift.tt/2oiyXDt</a></p>

School newspaper used Student Athlete meme, its been adopted by the normies. Sell, sell, sell! via /r/MemeEconomy http://ift.tt/2oiyXDt