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Bodies , Fire, and Frozen: Yuri Doroshenko Lyudmila Dubinina gor Dyatlov Alexander Zinaida Kolmogorova Kolevatov Yuri Krivonischenko Rustem Slobodin Nikolai Thibeaux- Semyon Zolotaryov Yuri Yudin* lostcrimeprincess: The Dyatlov Pass Incident occurred in the Ural mountains of Russia nearly 60 years ago. 9 experienced hikers were found frozen in the snow with unusual injuries and even more unusual circumstances surrounding their deaths.A hiking group from the Ural PolyTechnical institute, lead by Igor Dyatlov, were hiking to Ortem, a category three hiking trip(the most difficult) The trip was no worry to the hikers(originally 8 men and 2 women) as they were all experienced hikers and skiers.Before they set out on what would be the last leg of their journey one of the men, Yuri Yudin, did not feel well and had to leave early. This illness would save his life.The group of 9 set up camp on the base of the mountain called Kholat Syakhl, also known as “Dead Mountain) in Mansi. It is unknown why they camped on the slope and not down near the forest where they would have more shelter from the elements. By the next morning all the hikers would be dead. Some of the bodies wuld not be found for 3 months.Here is where their deaths become a mystery. It was determined they froze to death(6) or died of fatal injuries(3) however their bodoes were scattered up to 3000 meters from their tent, which had been cut open from the inside. Yuri Krivonischenko and Yuri Doreschenko were found 2000 meters down the hill huddled together with a dead fire. Branches on the tree they were under were broken up to 5 meters high suggesting one of them climbed up the tree. They were both shoe less and only in their underwear. Between the cedar tree and the camp the bodies of Igor Dyatlov,  Zinaida Kolomogorova, and Rustem Slobodin were found in positions suggesting they tried to return to the camp. All of these bodies were found February 26, 1959.It wasn’t until May 6 that year that the last four hikers would be found dead under 4 meters of snow in a ravine 2075 meters away from the tent. Lyudmilla Dubinina had been found face down in the ravine missing her tongue, lips, and eyes. She had also sustained a major chest fracture along with Zolotaryov, though neither had bruising on their bodies or soft tissue to suggest anything causing the fracture. Thibeaux-Brignolles had also sustained a major skull fracture. The injuries Thibeaux-Brignolles, Zolotaryov, and Dubinina sustained that lead to their deaths were made with a force as strong as a car crash said  Dr. Boris Vozrozhdenny when asked.  Those who had died first had relinquished their clothing to the other as Zolotaryov was wearing Dubinina’s faux fur coat.The nine hikers were the only people on the mountain that night, they had all died within 6-8 hours of their last meal, and they all left the tent by their own accord. Some hikers camping on a mountain a few kilometers away reported seeing strange orange orbs in the sky that night and the last picture on Krioneschenko’s camera showed some blurry orbs. It was also reported that at the funerals for the hikers their bodies held a deep tan, an almost orange one. Ultimately their death was ruled to be caused by an unknown force and may remain a mystery forever. 

lostcrimeprincess: The Dyatlov Pass Incident occurred in the Ural mountains of Russia nearly 60 years ago. 9 experienced hikers were found ...

Food, Life, and Animal: l'll take a Double Triple Bossy Deluxe on a raft, four by lfour, animal-style, extra shinales with a shimmy and a squeeze light axle grease, make it cry burn it, and let it swim lwilhave the meal known as the Bossy dele,execpt doubledaswellas triped and on afotation device the patterm should be quadruple by quadruple,syled after the creatures of the animal kingdom, extra roof omamentsshimmied and embracedas wellas light varety of connecting pipe food oil, make ithoribly depressed,set talight a llit to proplltselfinthe water. I, the invertibrate known as bubblebass, will be partaking in the popular bikini botom food known as the Krabby Patty the form known as the bossy deluxe in particular,however,Iwould, in addition to this,Iwould like the burger to be modified in the following ways the amount of ingredients used should be doubled, then the aforementioned ingredients should be tripled,ona device created for the purpose of floating atop water,Ishall make the pattern of the burger to be in the format of four, followed by another four,it should follow severalmilarites particular mainly to the genus ofcreatures known popularly as wellas scientifically as the animal kingdom,additional ornaments are to be applied to the top of t, shookenthouroghlyand compressed between fingers, as wellas a notably non-heavy connecting lavored food lubricant, force the burger into suicidal depression, make the several times aforementioned burger combustas wel, and give it the freedom to move in the four cardinal directions in the undersea area l am an undersea creature from the genus commonlv ofinvertibrates rerefreeerd to as fish particularlaythe veraity known as basss, despite hte fact theat it is illogicaetl to expect a fishl, especiallyonme of my varietly to order a hamburerr but dispite thisl would heavilly prefer tohavfe a burger from the popular bikinini bottob resturant to as the krucstie krak in orderr to have eno of thies brugers thea variety of burger that l would like tooo order wouuuld be the authority-exersising elite edition on a device created by the homohomohomohomosapien speciesssin ordere to make them able to flaot atop the chemical refererereed to as as h2o, the pattern in which should be asssembleed is the four by four by four by four by four by four by four, in should also by increased in sized in order to use double the atoms in its makup in order to make it ore able to sustain my life wwwwith ist nutrientss, makee the burger have even more ff ornaments then ti should usually have, condense the atoms that make up the burger in such a way as the constitute the actillion auajai TO as a squeeeeze, add particulararly non-heavy food fat, mocc the burger until it has a massive tdeisiser to kil itself like mine as welll u should allow it to take part in the activity wherein it mush use its body to propell itseeelf in the presviously mentioned hhhhh2222o000 I, the under sea umnde sauucse crecker ffered as bubble bass would bperfer a genus of squeeze SW ngin ah20 ned homosa sty raft and ase nts to make the chen some ofhteli ngan as nnihninininininininininin inimnini bObbbbbot7ummeme men ñeme in uorlippe towoo this myself woooc like somme sucicidal dpersssion aaaaaaaa Krabby burger

Krabby burger

Car, You, and Car Accident: My leg! My leg! When you get in a horrible car accident but thankfully only sustain injuries to your lower body

When you get in a horrible car accident but thankfully only sustain injuries to your lower body