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Free, Information, and Time: Oral sexuality, in particular, would be very important to me, and I would be very, very giving to you ideally every day, whenever we have a free moment; I would consider it an act of profound worship. I hope I can find someone with a similar oral fixation, who would enjoy swallowing every time in return, which is what would make me feel most accepted. I specify this because I have something called Hyperspermia which, I know, sounds like a ridiculous made-up word - which means that the volume I produce tends to be somewhat greater than average (it has no negative effect on fertility in my case), and so it is deeply important to me to find someone who would be aroused by that, rather than repelled, as many people (in my experience) unfortunately are. For full disclosure, to get an idea of what we'd be dealing with, so you have all the information on which to base your decision: according to the World Health Organization, the average male's volume of output is about 3.7 ml, which is about 4 of a (4.92 ml) teaspoon. There are different definitions of Hyperspermia in various reports: the 1990 Handbook Of The Laboratory Diagnosis And Treatment of Infertility defines it as a regular volume of any more than 5.5 ml, whereas the 1995 issue of Oxford University's Human Reproduction defines it as a volume of more than 6.3 ml. In my case, I'll usually have anywhere from at least half a tablespoon (7.39 ml) or more, which is about double the average volume. If I go for a few days without release, I often produce a full tablespoon (14.78 ml) or more in a single ejaculation (about four or five times the average volume), and go on to have many additional ones after that - usually somewhere between 4 and 7 a dav, with an upper limit of When r/Ihavesex and r/Iamverysmart meet