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Bad, Barber, and Barbie: This is how she looks every time we're cooking and not giving her anything So I’m at a holiday party right. Next to me is a woman 43 years old fam she didn’t look older than 25. Drop dead gorgeous. And here’s this cosmetic surgeon saying he finnta do a procedure that eliminate these tiny a$$ wrinkles under he eyes and she was being polite but really wasn’t interested and bro I wanted to clock this ugly hair implant MF 😂. Like how u gon tell a woman at a party u gon upgrade her! Fam! She already a dime! Heck u gon upgrade?! Another lil homegirl of mine she just plain Barbie - put her lil a$$ in a pair of shorts and a corvette with Ken with the PP missin and bam, Barbie. She go to a ‘cosmetic dentist’ this MF said she has buck teeth. Lemme tell u...this cosmetic industry satanic 😂. They really lying to u women. Will a barber ever say u DONT need a haircut? Nah - or else he gon go broke! Same. These dudes gon make u feel like something wrong when u already perfect! “I’ll fix those stretch marks” OVER MY DEAD BODY Dr. FESSENJAN PULL A SCALPEL AND IMMA STAB U WITH IT. DONT BODY YA SELF 😂. “Smash we know u lying about the body positive thing to attract thick women” WELL BISH GIVE ME A PP DETECTOR TEST. Put some grey sweatpants on me. Turn around. Pull ya yoga pants down below them cheeks, show me them skretch marks. If I ain’t pitching a full tent, stab me 😂. “wow - you’re really making all the women who had surgery feel bad, we knew u were a Sh!thead.” Well hang on now. If YOU want it, YOU get it! I support that! U wanna get your nose shaped - do you! A$$ shots - do u! BA - do u! BUT DONT LET THE COSMETIC INDUSTRY GUIDE U. THEY GON LIE TO U AND MAKE U FIX SOMETHING THAT DONT NEED FIXING. THEY NEED TO - OR ELSE THEY GON GO OUT OF BUSINESS. LOVE YOURSELF (like I love you 😊). IF U WANNA DO SOMETHING FOR U THEN DO IT BUT DONT LET NOBODY WITH A PP TALK U INTO SOME SH!T LMAO BLESS UP 😍😂😂