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Brains, New York, and Saw: near 26th Street and Third Avenue, Manhattan; they induced him to relinquishL his possessions by a strong argument ad hominem couched in the convincing cant of the eriminal and pressed at the point of a most persuasive pistol. Laden ith their loot, but not thereby impeded, they took an abrupt departure and shuffling off the coil of that discretion which enmeshed him in the alley, quickly ave chase through 26th Street toward 2d Avenue, whither they were resorting th expedition swift as thought" for most obvious reasons. Somewhere on that thoroughfare of escape they indulged the stratagem of separation ostensibly to dis concert their pursuer and allay the ardor of his pursuit. He then centered on for capture the man with the pistol whom he saw board defendant's taxicab, which quickly veered south toward 25th Street on 2d Avenue where he saw the chauf feur jump out while the cab, still in motion, continued toward 24th Street; after the chauffeur relieved himself of the cumbersome burden of his fare the latter also is said to have similarly departed from the cab before it reached 24th Stree The chauffeur's story is substantially the same except that he states that his uninvited guest boarded the cab at 25th Street while it was at a standstill waiting for a less colorful fare; that his "passenger" immediately advised him "to stand not upon the order of his going but to go at once" and added finality to his command by an appropriate gesture with a pistol addressed to his sacroiliac. The chauffeur in reluctant acquiescence proceeded about fifteen feet, when his hair, like unto the quills of the fretful porcupine, was made to stand on end by the hue and c of the man despoiled accompanied by a clamorous concourse of the law-abiding which paced him as he ran; the concatenation of "stop thief," to which the patter of persistent feet did maddingly beat time, rang in his ears as the pursuing posse all the while gained on the receding cab with its quarry therein contained The hold-up man sensing his insecurity suggested to the chauffeur that in the ent there was the slightest lapse in obedience to his curt command that he the chauffeur, would suffer the loss of his brains, a prospect as horrible to an hum ble chauffeur as it undoubtedly would be to one of the intelligentsia. The chauffeur... quickly threw his car out of first speed in which he was proceeding pulled on the emergency, jammed on his brakes and, although he thinks th motor was still running, swung open the door to his left and jumped out of his car. He confesses that the only act that smacked of intelligence was that by which he jammed the brakes in order to throw off balance the hold-up man who wa half-standing and half-sitting with his pistol menacingly poised. Thus abandonin his car and passenger the chauffeur sped toward 26th Street and then turnedt look; he saw the cab proceeding south toward 24th Street where it mounted th sidewalk. T the cab which, at the time, appeared to be also minus its passenger who red b