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Target, True, and Tumblr: Fic Writers Alignment Chart @anony-mouse-writer Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good long series of non-chronological fics with loose ties to one writes long fic in full before posting on a regular schedule unti another. well written and just posts short, one-shot stories at random forever- no matter how much the people beg for more finished with a largely consistent posting schedule Lawful Neutral True Neutral Chaotic Neutral has seque(s) planned out comes from obscurity to for a series and is still writing, but takes approximately 5 years to finish it before posting write a single, mind-blowing fic, then fades back into nothin forever swans from the void to post updates erratically but never leaves any real cliffhangers Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil has 17 different long-fics begins long angst-fic with inconsistent update schedule before abandoning the fic for good after posting a clifthanger begun and unfinished, some has a compilation post of fics I will never write' to tease everyone. Every ast one is an amazing idea several years old. will occassionally break from their current work to post a single chapter for one at random leaving a worse cliffhanger than before. Pure, Unadulturated Evil has several chapters after their latest cliffhanger full of author notes and side tangets before abandoning the story forever and marking it complete without tagging it as an abandoned work anony-mouse-writer: [fic alignment]

anony-mouse-writer: [fic alignment]

Bitch, Food, and Fucking: LO 29% 5:04 PM staggot + astral-nymph staggot Not following each othe staggot Choke bitch astral--nymph Why are you being so aggressive over people asking for proof? staggot I'm gonna give people proof I was abused as a child... ok astral--nymph You're asking people to give you their hard earned money for free We simply want to know that our money will be going to good use and not being wasted on luxury items bv someone takina advan- GIF Say your thing 29% 5:04 PM staggot + astral-nymph items by someone taking advan- tage of our good will. You can't treat people like this and tell them to die or choke. It makes you look like a dumbass and quite frankly you don't deserve anyones money if you're going to treat anybody like this. astral--nymph And nowhere in that post did you mention child abuse. How can you say we're asking for proof you were abused as a child if you didnt mention it? astral--nymph No. We're asking for proof of your bills. Proof you dont have the money in your bank accounts to pay everything yourself. Proof that you are unemployed or that you dont have enough of a wage to sustain yourself GIF Say your thing 29% 5:04 PM staggot + astral-nymph astral--nymp No one is asking you to prove that you were a victim of this or that. We just want proof that you actually need financial assistance. And so far you've proven that you don't deserve our money anyway with that fucking gross attitude of yours. astral--nymph That's all I have to say about it Take from it what you will, but stop telling people to kill themselves You're no better than the people you claim abused vou and your abuse doesnt give you an excuse to act in such a way either staggot Didn't read staggot You're a bitch GIF Say your thing POSTS LIKES FOLLOWING staggot Hi everybody, I was assaulted by transphobes for trying to use the bathroom at a bar the other day I visited my parents to talk to them about it, and they blamed me for not having "common sense" so l've decided I have to cut them out of my life even though they pay my car insurance and phone bill and provide me with food sometimes. If anybody is able to help me financially right now this is an emergency Here's a link to my PayPal https://www.paypal.com/ cgi-bin/webscr?cmd xclick&hosted_button_id-RSFC5VJB4ABRE - s- Or you can send money through the cash app my cashtag is $puppies3000 jbobbington celestial-naiad: Hey guys. If you see this post by @staggot rolling around I’d advise that you pass on donating to them. It’s in poor judgment to donate to people who don’t provide proof of their struggles, but it’s also in poor taste to donate to someone who treats people like this simply for asking for said proof. There’s absolutely no reason to act like this, unless of course you’re a lying asshole who just wants money for free. Tagging @nunyabizni @klubbhead @tooiconic @rallythedead @its-bewitched @robert-the-asshole @takashi0 Please help spread this around. I’d hate for anybody to lose their hard earned money donating to this person.
America, Dumb, and Fucking: lady-of-greenwood pomme-poire-peche getinmyglitterpants languages-georg So I used to have a Russian friend who had a pretty thick accent and like a lot of Russians tended to eschew articles. She would say things like "Get in car." And stuff Well one day this asshole who had been kind of tagging along with us asks her why she talks like that because it makes her sound dumb and I still remember her response word for word "Me? Dumb? Maybe in America you have to say get in THE car because you are so stupid that people might just get in random car, but in Russia we don't need to say that. We just fucking know because we are not stupid." One time I was proof reading a paper for a Russian student. As I was correcting her paper with her, the many mistakes in her grammar started weighing on her. I asked her what was wrong, and she said almost sobbing In Russian I am so intelligent and clear. In English I am like [an] idiot" Respect to anyone trying to master a foreign language. I get so sad thinking about that student. Do you know how frustrating it is To have people laugh in my face because I'm struggling to find the words? n m You should try talking in my shoes fori one mile. think you meant know whatl meant to mean. Do you know howsmart Iam in Spanish of course you dont. Full offense but people who make fun of someone else's accent or belittle their limited vocabulary when they're speaking a language not native to them are fucking disgusting and are just begging to be punched They're speaking your language because you don't know theirs. That's not something they should be made fun of, it's something that should be commended because learning a language is hard fucking work. I hate people who do this so much Heres to the posters who feel like they need to apologize for imperfect English