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Apparently, Bitch, and Boo: The people in the apartment below me are playing "Never Have I Ever" and I'm smoking on my porch creeping on their game Guy 1: Never have I ever INTIONALLY walked in on my parents having sex Gal 1: fuck you brandon! It wasn't intentional! I didn't know what they were doing!!! Brandon (Guy 1): Shut up Katy no one is THAT oblivious take your drink Katy: Never have I ever LOST a wet tshint contest Good job Katy. You do you. Proud of you boo) Gal 2: Never have I ever pierced my genitals Brandon: IT WAS IN FOR LIKE A MONTH Katy: Whatever bitch, take a drink you Prince Albert having douche Brandon: l'm being singled out I hate you all tom-nippleston Guy 2: Never have I ever had a Pause] Guy 2: WHAT THE FUCK KATY?1?1?!?! Katy: Shut up Andrew it's before we even knew each other this was years ago!! Pause] Andrew: And you won't even watch porn with me.. (the family is disintegrating) Brandon: Never have I ever been in such a confrontational Ever... game of Never Havel People saying 'cheers'] (stop fighting guys you're tearing this family apart...) Andrew: Never have I ever had sex WITH a piece of food. Pause] Andrew: Dude Brandon: Dude Katy: Dude omg Gal 2: what? Omg EVERY girl has practiced giving head with a banana! Katy: Um no Ester. SOME of us just practice on dicks. Ester: what the fuck though. Whatever (Don't let them kink shame you Ester I still love you) tom-nippleston #Team Ester #BananaSplits tom-nippleston Andrew is testing a banana. Go for it andrew. Explore your wild side #Team Ester #TeamKink tom-nippleston Brandon: Never have I ever been called a fuckboy Katy and Andrew: TO YOUR FACE Brandon: Go fuck a banana Andrew #TeamBananaFucking tom-nippleston Ester: Never have I ever had a crush on a family member Brandon: [random fumbling noises) Katy: brandon omg ew Andrew: yeah man come the fuck on wtf man its 2016 Brandon: SHE WAS MY COUSIN AND WAS 13 IT'S NOT LIKE SHE WAS MY SISTER AND IT WAS JUST A CRUSH NOTHING HAPPENED Ester: methinks thou dost protest too fucking much Brandon: NEVER TELLING YOU SHIT AGAIN Andrew: Chug your drink, Sir IncestsALot Brandon: Chug a fucking banana Andrew #TeamBananaFucking #TeamwhatTheFuckBrandon tom-nippleston Katy and Andrew have gone home in an Uber to apparently sex it up. Alway use a designated driver, kids. And always put protection on your Banana #BananaCream Pie #Team Ester hotmenandotherdistractions This is spectacular Since you've been gone 191,448 notes Source: tom-nipp Sitch Never have i ever