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Advice, Being Alone, and College: Gabriella @gabriellarichh Last night some girl came running up to me whispering "please pretend to be my friend this man has been following me for 6 blocks" as soon as this guy saw me hugging her he said "fuck" and went the other way. Please ladies stay safe and never walk alone! Co. des @ddestinyynicole l expect all you girls that get scared like this just to run up and hug me, don't even ask, just do it. onecatshort: eclecticstudentwriter: succubus-is-smol: black-hippie-moonchild: 17mul: phoenixwolf876: lovelynemesis: This has happened to me before when I was in college at a frat party. This girl comes squeezing herself in between me and my friend and throws her arms around me. “Amanda, I am so glad you decided to come!” I was so confused and just figured she was drunk and mistaked me for someone else, until I saw the panic on her face. She leaned close and whispered that a guy was following her, was certain that he had put something in her drink and if I would please play along. I looked behind her and sure enough, some creep was watching her like a hawk. We invited her to hang out with us the rest of the night and even waited until her ride showed up just to make sure she was safe. Always look out for each other! If you ever feel scared like this just come up to me like we have been friends since kindergarten, call me any name u can come up with ill play along. 🗣 👌🏾 Stay together, stay safe Perfect advice.I’m reblogging this as a guy, because first of all, if you”re a guy : DON’T DO THAT. Don’t be that creep. And if you’re a guy and you notice some creep is following or stalking a girl, and that she’s obviously uncomfortable or panicked, go ahead and say hi, long time no see, pretend to be her cousin, and tell her discretly you noticed there was a shady guy. Ask her if something’s wrong, if she feels unsafe, if she wants your help (very important - she may not trust you enough, no one could blame her, don’t take it personally). (and don’t you dare take advantage of the help you offered for a flirt opportunity, that would make you no better than the creep) We can all stop “witnessing and do nothing”, and set an example. Reblog every time because there are new stories every time.