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Kayla vs the Spanish Teacher: who wants to hear the in my spanish 2 class horrible spanish teacher ao thane's this girl in my apanish 2 class. well cal my teacher miss irving miss irving hates when people dont just listen to her ma am she said to miss irving. iwas at miss irving looked up at kayla and asked for a pass. kayla didn't have one, but she sald viait. miss ining refused to do so and gave put on chapstick or began to eat in class and miss irving began to yell, kayls reed a miss inving would snap at her. slowly, kayla the last straw for her was when she asked miss irving to go to tha counselor during well, then fll give you more work to do at that word, all of the heads in the clasroom aay no to miss irving. but kaylia had fre in her voice, and was now standing up and it. i have issues that i need to take care of that youre supposed to care about s, it's your job problems. and there are times iI need to eat in class or ineed to go to the counselors office because of it, so could you just get off of my miss irving turned beet red and sent her to what followed ws5 battle between the two teachers and asked them to take her aide, bun the other teachers said shey didnt ever hawe kayla went to talk to the principal about the situstion and told her what was going on the lost her teacher of the year awand for that year ahe also received a sarike on har teach miss irving still teaches our class and we still hide her hatred for kayla at all. she expresses it fully to her other classes and most of those but my dlass and i love kayla. because kaylia has a newfound powe, and she doesnt take it for granted. instead, she uses it to help us. and this matters so much to me because, one listen more closely to the teachers lesson, so having tests every class period and it became miss irving started taking poins off for every doodle i made and i mean A LOT of points, and i got an 80 instead of a 100. when itried to explain that it was for my ankiety, she didn't dooding when she started to yell at me for it she came over to my desk and led me through mne my doodle of half a face looked really good, asked me how lang I'd been taking art doing their job, and you can stand up for Kayla vs the Spanish Teacher

Kayla vs the Spanish Teacher