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Arsenal, Bless Up, and Bones: He's so smol Ladies I am sorry. On behalf of penis owners everywhere, I am sorry. Y'all put up with a lot. These men, bruh. They ain livin right. Grown ass men. In they 20s. Or 30s. Got a job. Got a lil paycheck. They crib lookin like a damn pigpen. Except unlike pigs which are cute and which God created to roll around in they own shit by nature, these is grown men named Chad and Cory who should know better. The problem bruh is that Chad and Cory had mamas that coddled them. Spoiled them. Did they laundry. You feel me? Cleaned the floor. So when these men get turned loose in the wild they got no preparation. Nobody taught them. They really out here figuring shit out on they own. With that said men here's a quick guide to not having a place that look like a disgusting shithole. (1) Swiffer. Some of u men, your floor sticky in one spot. Ashy in one spot from the roommate who get stoned every day. Filthy in other spots. Swiff that shit. It's literally a mop with a baby wipe on it. It's idiot proof. Just wipe and then chuck the wipe. Bam. Now girls ain't got to tippy toe around your joint bruh have some respect 😂. (2) Compostable-recyclable plates-forks-cups. Men - why u buying plates if u gon eat on it and let it sit and get that deep fossilized crust that can never come off looking like a dinosaur bone buried under there? Be real with yourself. Recyclable-compostable everything. Save yourself the headache of doing dishes. Yo mama ain't around. U all alone on this one 😂. (3) Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. U can't fuck this up. THE NECK IS ALREADY BENT UPWARD LOL. Just stick your hand in there, squirt and twist. Couple good scrubs, now your joint is gleaming. That's 90 seconds of work for a clean toilet. U feel me? Cleanliness is part of hospitality. This a house not a farm. To keep it 💯 if the pipe game nice girls don't care about cleanliness but I like to have both in my arsenal because why be average when u can be exkra and have them wanting to get pregnant with Smash Jr. 🤗. Ya get me! Bless up 😍😂😂😂