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Bailey Jay, Crazy, and Energy: saint-ripper: nilla-wafer42: complexsugar: complexsugar: lux-obscura: lux-obscura: breelandwalker: deenadolly: districtsugar: doveclove: niuniente: muscovado-sugar: xi-vi-xiv: bme-and-wttc: sherlysthougths: justthefangirl: timaeustestifieds: nudiemuse: recklesscloudz: Reblog and you’ll find money soon! Yes. Also weird I reblobbed the other money one last night and a freelance check I invoiced for a month ago came in. reblobbed seriously have nothing to lose Did it once might as well let it stack. At least I’m not buying loto tickets You guys, I reblogged this 2 days ago out of desperation. Today I was looking through my old wallet for coins to go to the vending machine because that’s all I can fucking afford. I haven’t touched this thing since July/ August. When I found a disappointing 15 cents in the coin pocket I went to the billfold to see if any coins were in there. That’s when I saw them. 5 crisp bills amounting to $22. I literally screamed and danced around my room out of joy before remembering that I’d reblogged this post. Tl;dr - This post is fucking magical and actually worked for me. I’m broke as fuck. Money gods pls send me like 100k. I never reblog these, let’s give it a shot.BIG MONEY, BIG MONEY I reblogged this last week and withing an hour I got a client after a month of silence! Literally gave me money to eat for the rest of the month. Crazy enough but my mom randomly gave me 200 dollars after I reblogged one of these the other day… Amen Reblobbed. I have a theory that these posts actually gather energy from the wishes of people who reblog them and that’s why they work. Plus, yanno, they get passed around by witches…a lot. :) Financials are getting a little rocky here (new job was a pay cut and was supposed to be an hours increase but ended up being more of a cut/lateral move) and I’m still trying to figure out how to downgrade my spending (seriously how can I cancel some of my cable services and end up paying MORE than before fucking packages fucking Verizon…) so in the meantime I could really go for a cash infusion until I get myself sorted. Ok this is such a ridiculous coincidence but I JUST reblogged this this morning and between then and now my tax refund hit my account 3 days early. Draw your own conclusions. Forever reblogging lol Trying to go home rich, 3 more days!!! No joke, I reblogged and less than 3 hours later, without asking, daddy transferred $500 into my account and I got a $1500 check. I reblogged this and made double what I normally make on a friday at work. It works!!