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Another One, Beautiful, and Dude: Johan Klingestedt. @Cwooshow . 24m One door closes, another one opens Read: tl.gd/n 1sqnjgc My days as a pro player is over, I will retire from pro play and focus on something that l've been interested in since day 1 my Overwatch career, coaching. Being a pro player has been so good to me and looking back at it all l'm very proud of what I've managed to do. A small kid from a small town in Sweden no one has heard of, traveling the world to play in front of fans that love the game as much as I do. Being home in Sweden for to 2 months now has given me a lot of time to think this through. Giving up playing is rough but this is the 2nd best thing to me. I've worked as a teacher which I loved, and there are plenty of parallels between coaching and teaching. Being a former pro player gives me a lot of insight that other coaches may not have. Helping other aspiring players to play to the best of their ability and having answers to questions they may have. l'd like to give a huge thanks to all the beautiful people that have supported me during my pro play and continue to do so. All the fans. organizations, staff and most importantly, my former teammates. If you'd like to reach out to me and ask any questions, ask about my coaching philosophy or anything else: Twitter DM's e-mail: johanklingestedt@gmail.com delfyi: Cwoosh of Florida Mayham retiring from pro play and looking to become a coach Hope he finds something- always a cool dude. 

delfyi: Cwoosh of Florida Mayham retiring from pro play and looking to become a coach Hope he finds something- always a cool dude. 

Driving, Friends, and Fuck You: today at work i let someone into a dressing room and they said "thanks" and half of me tried to say you're welcome and the other half tried to say "no problem and i ended up saying "your problem Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)16:28 No.5220706 Reposting my all time favorite greentext playing soccer in gym ball is up in the air think I'm gonna be awesome and air kick it into the goal -try miss bal >kick goale in the face stry to ask Are you okay and "I'm fucking sorry at the same time sinstead end up yelling "ARE YOU FUCKING SORRY? goalie is choking back tears this post had me in tears I was hoping the notes would be full of similar stories, but they're not, so i'll add my story for anyone else looking for more laughs: I had to go to a library to pay a fee and I was practicing in the car between "I have to pay a fine" and "I have to pay a fee" and I walked in and firmly stated "I have to pee" and slapped a five dollar bill on the counter (the fee was like ten cents), and walked out. This was like three years ago andI still haven't been back, My friend was driving and we were almost past our turnoff so l tried to say "quick" and "fast" at the same time and I ended up screaming "QUACK" which ended up with him judging me very hard and missing the turn philip-the-nickel in volleyball in tenth grade my team lost almost every single game but PRAYING that we would win and all of my teammates started cheering but instead of yelling encouragement I accidentally yelled "DEAR this one time we were ahead and I was sitting on the bench literally for my friend who was about to serve and I tried to join in the cheers HEAVENLY FATHER one of my friends (ankesh) was playing soccer and was about to get nailed in the face and another of my friends tried to say "watch out ankesh" and said "WONKESH" I was in the car with my sister and we were arguing and I was caught between yelling "fight me" and "fuck you" at her, so I just ended up screaming "FUCK ME!" at her aRe YoU fUcKiNg SoRrY?