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I must pet him now and put more food in his bowl.: The Central Nervous Syst Chapter 12 eral ensatm and the teelng that yeur lungs will burst when hreath t long These riclude upset stomac rtes zs the HOME OSTATIC IMBALANCE 12.2 maton that Damage to the primary ual rtex oIgure 12 functional blindness Although unable to conser Still have certa the upp es By contrast, individuals with a damagei vis area can see, but they do not comprehendd w iduals u ith this damage may king at e Mi are curon However. ptenar balr of thhe c ch primary auditory association areas that we have considered so tfar (light ighr blue in Figure 12.7) have all been tightly tied to one ki primary motor or sensory cortex (dark red or dark blue). of the cortex, though, consists of complexly connected mi modal association areas (light violet in Figure 12.7) that rece inputs from multiple senses and send outputs to multiple areas In general, information flows as follows: modal Association Areas SVPvin of the teaporal lobe neKt 1o y excuing the hcaring recepiors of te 1o be trnsmitid to the primary Auditory Cor are interpreted as pitch, loudness, and location. posterior auditory association area then per- Nion of the sound stimulus, which we "hear am. music, thunder, and so on. Memories of e past appear to be stored here for reference. P we describe later, includes parts of the sensory receptors primary sensory cortex Imaging studies show that Sum) Cortex ex responsible for conscious awareness of esition of the head in space) is located in the Spacious. sensory association cortex cent pari of the insula and adjacent parietal cortex (see multimodal association cortex Cortex The primary olfactory (smell) cortex lies niform lobe which is dominated by the hooklike Multimodal association cortex allows us to give meaning to the information that we receive, store it in memory, tie it previous experience and knowledge, and decide what action to al aspect of the temporal lobe in a small region ure 12.7b). Afferent fibers from smell receptors in take, Those decisions are relayed to the premotor cortex, which r nasal cavity send impulses along the olfactory in turn communicates with the motor cortex. The multimodal association cortex seems to be where sensations, thoughts emotions become conscious. It is what makes us whn Suppose, for example, you drop a bottle of lab and it splashes on you. You see the crash, feel your skin burning, and S individual perceptions come t ciation areas. Along with are woven into a sea instructions abow premotor and you to thy are ultimately relayed to the olfactory cortices. The a cnscious awareness of different odors. cory cortexr is part of the primitive rhinencepha- efah-lon; "nose brain"), which includes all parts 2wasNts size, In humans, the face ônicdps are the most sensitive body e the lanrest parts of the somatosen- um that receive olfactory signals-the orbitofron- s of the temporal lobes, and the protruding olfac- ncus, and associated regions located on or in the nd bulbs that extend to the nose. During the course s Concerned chiefly with emotions and memory. 7Association Cortex The somatosensory Carun cortexr lies pust posterior to the primary soma- s Conex and has many connections with it. The major Sirspon of this area is to integrate sensory inputs (temperature, rssure, and so ferth) relayeul to it V13 the primary somatosen- sery cortex to produce an understanding of an object being fele Lgure 128 nght). most of the "old" rhinencephalon has taken on part of the "newer" emotional brain, called the which we will consider later in this chapter. This y cerain odors can evoke strong emotions. The only bulbs and trcts (described in Chapter 13) 8 the human rhinencephalon still devoted to smell s deletal ts size, texture, and the relationnship of its parts. For example, when you reach into your pocket, your soma- fosensory association corter draws upon stored memories past sensory eperiences to perceive the objects you feel: coins or kevs. Someone with damage to this area could not re he body's. eudie body tegion paiai discrimination. o carter the hody is represented n sarording to the site of stimulus heausphere receives input from the left side all olfactory cortices. Cortex The gustatory (taste) co nvolved in perceiving taste s er sensory cortex devoted to a particu- that region's sensiivity (ihat is, ognize these abjects without looking at them. Visual Areas The primary visual (striate) cortex is, buried deep in the calearine sulcus in the medial aspect of th w deep to the temporal lohs the extreme posterior tip of the occipital lobe, but most of it GNIory Area The co I must pet him now and put more food in his bowl.

I must pet him now and put more food in his bowl.

In a newspaper from 1884 that I got today, "What $1,800 will buy!" (32 acres): ome last week a to let in the sunshine, BESSIE LOUISE KING. preserving strawberries. seription of the Home's nintmenta, and concludes Palace of Art, enener ot Seeond and Washington streeta. nmnee. The age for ad- in apecial enses women ein. The entrance fee lie but the experience of sit to pve ite wisdonn. as. Admission 25e and 50e. Reserved seata to be had without exira eharge at Morse's Speeial Performance Sunday Evening. FOR SALE! A BARGAIN! lhame not that sum ean What S1,800 Will Buy! t difienlity bg appealing ny aity chueih A proba- iour monthe lis meguired. is is auetomary for in- r part of their property to 81 800 ILL BUY 32 ACRES OF LAND, SITU- dor them, and ic is expect- on, on the N. P.R.R On the place is a bouse of 5 rooms, ded to the original bequeet w peceBsary outbuildings; a shop with water power with ao smple income. guition to the truetees and oad station. About 12 acres of the land are eleared, with 2 do faithdully io founding t meed of praise remaine eseroue James Liek. READ THIS CAREFULLY! ated ope mile from St. Helens, at Milton Sta- (about 16-borse, but it can be increased to 50-borse by put- ting in a diferent wheel); machinery consisting of eireular saws and turning laths. Shop is only 200 yards from rail- aeres in garden. There are rails enough made to fence the whole place, This is a bargain, and to any man with small capital is a rare opportanity to engage in a profitable manufacturing business, 0wner desires to sell because of ill health in his family. Pariles wishing to see the property can go down in the gencer le angry-almoet morning at 11 o'elock and return at 3 or 7 P. M Fare, 75 paiga, it was quick to wopported Armetrong had re "serving their master." cents. For furtber particulars, apply at once at the NEW NORTH- WEST office, No. 5 Washington street, upstairs. dell In a newspaper from 1884 that I got today, "What $1,800 will buy!" (32 acres)

In a newspaper from 1884 that I got today, "What $1,800 will buy!" (32 acres)

Omg I’m actually learning this in school lol: FORENSIC ACCOUNTING ACTNTE Public outcry over the financial disasters s early twenty-first centuryEnron and Wot in particular-led Congress to pass the Saft Oxley Act in the hope that these disasters w FORENSIC ACCOUNTING END Pyramid Schemes quest to take his n 1912, Ivar Kreuger began control of the European match market. He borrowed money and sold stock in the company to buy out his competitors. After World War I, he oaned money to war-torn countries that dropped trade restrictions that had prevented his company from entering their markets. He also bribed government officials to become the sole provider of matches in that country. He later expanded his empire by purchasing a construction company in the United States. LO5 be repeated. The Forensic Accounting activities in this highlight famous frauds and how Congress a accounting profession have reacted by refom governing financial reporting information. never for c into T aс YouN frauds also learn about typical occupational employees stealing from their employers. An a tant who combines accounting and investgeting to uncover fraudulent business activity, or to pe such activity, is called a forensic accountant. The stock of the company was widely owned and provided investors with a high return on their investments. Everyone wanted to own a piece of his company. Kreuger's fame and fortune landed him on the cover of Time magazine. He was welcome at the White House and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle including a Park Avenue penthouse in New York City furnished with paintings by Rembrandt. ACTIVITY Peter Webb began his pool maintenance bus in May. He visits each of his clients once a m for a three-hour cleaning procedure. Wanti expand his business, he has provided Md Lee, a potential investor, with financial info tion indicating that he is earning revenue c $6,000 per month. Ms. Lee has asked vou THE PYRAMID COLLAPSES Unknown to the public and undetected by accoun tants, Kreuger was running a fraud known as a pyramid scheme. Investors being paid a return on their investment from the earnings of the business are, in fact, being paid with money contributed by investors. The scheme is destined to collapse when the new investors are no longer willing to you analyze the information and provide her w recommendation. INSTRUCTIONS Open the spreadsheet FA_CH02. Follo on the Instructions tab. After analyzing answer the following questions: invest. The stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression left few banks and individuals with any money to invest in Kreuger's company. As rumors of his financial troubles grew, the value of the company's stock tumbled. Unable to continue the pyramid scheme, Kreuger committed suicide in 1932. response to public outcry, Congress passed the Securities Act of 1933 that established the Securities and Exchange Commission and increased the amount and quality of information companies 1. Should Ms. Lee invest in Mr. Webb Write an e-mail to Ms. Lee that sum findings and conclusion. 2. What other analysis could be perfo Subtotal tool that would support y In Source: Called to Account: Financial Fra the Accounting Profession, 2nd ed., Pau Routledge (New York, New York), 2013. must provide to investors. no ill "o reve ses OT A /CRE DON' Omg I’m actually learning this in school lol

Omg I’m actually learning this in school lol