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Why girls change clothing all the time: who on earth coined the stereotype that girls are obsessed with changing clothes i've been wearing the same t shirt and pajama pants for two days now and the same bra for like three thenarator OOH OOH I KNOW THIS ONE! so in the elizabethan era queen elizabeth couldn't appear like she was having That Time of the Month in front of the male members of her court, and you bet your ass if she had to remain in the public eye while she was bleeding from the snatch then the rest of the female courtiers did too. because they didn't have handy dandy tampons back in the day, they would basically shove a rag down there and inevitably bleed onto the inner layers of their clothes. she what did they do? changed clothes. about eight times a day to be precise, and they did that all month long, so none of the delicate male constitutions would be offended by unseen yet implied bloody lady parts. this is part of why fashion was such a huuuuuge cultural item (and the secondhand clothing industry was such a huge part of society) because they had to appear like they were just doing it out of vanity/showing off their wealth. this became pretty much the standard mode of behavior for ladies who had to be out and about during shark week, right up until some nurses realized that the specialized gauze pads they used to plug up bullet wounds would work great for other such bleeding holes so yeah if you were wondering why dudes think women change their clothes a lot its because they don't understand periods Why girls change clothing all the time