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Ass, Bailey Jay, and Bless Up: Happiest mug shot ever! Part 3. To get rid of them insecurities, be specific about what yo man do that make him special. "OMG the way u [___]? NOBODY HAS EVER MADE ME FEEL THAT WAY BEFORE." Bam. Like the Somali dude in the tom hank movie said, He da Captain now. And if it ain't sexual, make it sweet. "Baby you have set the bar for how I need to be loved." U feel me? Men are delicate like a porcelain vase bruv - telling him he ruined u in some way will get u hella points. Airline points. Pretty soon u have platinum status (💍) and a companion pass - u feel me? But that's still Level 2 fixing. Y'all want Level 1 fixing? BE HELLA VAGUE ABOUT YO PERSONAL LIFE. U DON'T OWE HIM SHIT. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T VOLUNTEER SH!T. I can't say this strongly enuf. Y'all on break? BE VAGUE. He ask about exes? BE VAGUE. Remember that u dealing with a delicate and jealous man-child. The same way yo mama would say she forgot her purse when y'all see the ice cream man bc she don't wanna buy u ice cream every time and spoil u (white lie), do the same thing: "baby I'm really just taking this time on break to think. I'm not really in that mindset to be out and about." BAM. IF U THINK YALL ARE ONLY "on break" AND GON BE BACK TOGETHER IN A MONTH, FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T EFF HIS HEAD UP WITH SPECIFICS: "Things have been pretty great. U know Marquis who's 6'14" and works at the cross fit gym in the south loop training people for 27 hours per day and gets hit on by all the slim thick cross fit white girls who have 1,200 followers on IG and post before-after pics all day? He's been laying pipe for weeks. Missed my period. Pretty sure I might be pregnant. Don't even care. My body is utterly ready for Marquis Jr 😍." <- BABY EVEN IF THIS IS TRUE (AND I HOPE IT IS!) - DON'T SAY IT 😂. Remember that trapped in that grown man is a lil ass boy. 1. Be reassuring. 2. Tell him what he does that's amazing. 3. BE VAGUE. SAY U AIN'T DATING. SAY U NEVER DATED ANYONE REALLY IMPORTANT TO U. SAY YO EX HUSBAND WAS A LIMP DICK (even if he was a Python PP 😎). U AIN'T GOING TO HELL OFF A LIL WHITE LIE OR TWO LIKE THAT. TELL THE LIE AND THEN DONATE $20 TO SYRIAN ORPHANS (link in bio 🤗) GOD IS FORGIVING BLESS UP 😍😂😂😂