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Anaconda, Children, and Community: mental illness and mental illness and violence mental illness and crime mental illness and homelessness mental illness and gun control mentally ill people mentally ill people scare me mentally ill people on death row mentally ill people in movies mentally ill people committing crimes people with mental illness should people with mental illness should be exempt from the death penalty people with mental illness should not have children people with mental illness should be isolated from the community people with mental illness should go to jail 6 people with depression are people with depression are smarter people with depression are weak people with depression are selfish people with depression are annoying schizophrenics should schizophrenics should be locked up schizophrenics should be killed schizophrenics should not have children should schizophrenics have children awake-society: “Mental Illness Recovery Series” book contains 100 true life stories of people all around the world battling daily with their mental disorders. It’s an inspirational book 📖, that gives rise to the silenced truth of mental illness and the exhausting, but noble journey of recovery. 🌏📚 Where to buy it :) = http://awakesociety.com/mental-illness-recovery-book/ 🌏📚 
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awake-society: “Mental Illness Recovery Series” book contains 100 true life stories of people all around the world battling daily with thei...

Alive, Facts, and Love: STORICAL | "Victoria Woodhull, prostitute, spiritualist, STERICAL Wall Street broker, publisher of a national FACTS newspaper, ran for President of the United States against Ulysses S. Grant and Horace Greeley in 1872," notes Irving Wallace. "Her platform supported free love, short skirts, abolition of the death penalty, vegetarianism, excess-profit taxes, birth control, better public housing easier divorce laws, world government, and female orgasm."Truly a woman ahead of her time. mollokoplus: mugglebornandraised: tadeuszkosciuszkoscoffee: reservoircat: captainscullyful: characterflaws: misslunasapphire: gerutha: phoenixaskani: If this woman was alive today, she’d have my vote. Shit. #she put frederick douglass on her ballot as v.p. too #unfortunately he didn’t know about it at the time #he read about it in the papers and was like ‘is this chick serious’ Victoria Woodhull 2016 This fails to mention that she was the first woman to run for US president, as well as being the first woman stockbroker on Wall Street alongside her sister Tennie Claflin, and their newspaper published the first English translation of the Communist Manifesto known to date @reservoircat HEY LOOK WHAT JUST POPPED UP ON MY DASH YES, I HAVE *OPINIONS* ABOUT THIS POST. Okay, for starters, Victoria wasn’t a sex worker. She wasn’t necessarily anti-sex worker in the manner of the time–she viewed it as a societal ill that occurred because of the inequality of women and the power structure which allowed and abused such sex work. But she very much wanted to destroy the structures that forced many women into sex work and sex trafficking. The claims that Victoria herself was a sex worker come from two things: her supportive stance on ‘free love’, i.e. the allowance for men and women to chose their own consensual sex partners outside of marriage, and her rise to power as a millionaire New York stock broker and newspaper owner. See, men of the time refused to believe that Victoria and her younger sister Tennessee Claflin could truly be such shrewd, ambitious and forward thinking businesswomen all on their own. So they spread the rumor that the sisters got their positions and fortunes from being sugar babies basically. She was also virulently anti-trafficking after her younger sister and business partner Tennie Claflin was kidnapped and sold into brothels by one of their business rivals. When this happened, Victoria and her husband Colonel James Blood tracked the traffickers down and retrieved Tennie at gunpoint from her captors.  Victoria was not well liked by her fellow suffragists either because she was an ardent supporter of Black suffrage and total equality of all races. She regularly told Stanton and Anthony to go fuck themselves. It was awesome. She was awesome. I just love Victoria Woodhull so much ;-; Can we necromance this woman and make her President? Her husband’s name was Colonel James Blood??? Her sister’s name was Tennessee???? Where’s the movie. I need it yesterday. And known by a surname not her husband’s. Fuck yeah!
Africa, Dating, and Facebook: 10:00 am C 1 0 40% 10, Tweet ta jimothy Retweeted beelzebub @a7medtawfeek If you are on any Igbtq dating apps in Egypt or know someone who is delete them. The Egyptian government is tracking people again. Retweet 02/10/2017, 5:47 pm 18K Retweets 9,390 Likes beelzebub@a7medtawfeek 13h Replying to @a7medtawfeek Tweet your reply spuriusbrocoli: annabethchasy: important!! This is happening. (BBC link.) And the inciting incident? There was a concert in Cairo by the Lebanese band Mashrou’ Leila (whose lead singer Hamed Sinno is openly gay and an advocate of LGBTQ rights) where someone waved a rainbow flag. The Egyptian government has made as of October 3rd 22 arrests according to the BBC and 33 arrests according to the Independent (both also linked above). Both articles as well as the facebook statement made to the Mashrou’ Leila facebook page made reference to “anal examinations” (which the facebook post correctly calls out as rape), and that some of those arrested are minors, as well as the aforementioned Grindr stalking. Not only has the Egyptian government used this tactic before (from 2016 and from 2014), but it’s the same tactic that has been used in Chechnya earlier this year (and possibly continues to be used; news coming out of Chechnya is rare in the best of times). While both the BBC and Independent articles endeavor to state that in Egypt homosexuality is not technically illegal, the Egyptian government’s use of laws against “debauchery” and “blasphemy” makes clear that that’s just a pretext and a smokescreen. This comes on the heels of the US ambassador to the UN Nikki Harley (a Trump appointee) voting “No” on a United Nations condemnation of the death penalty for LGBTQ people. If there were ever a time to hold our elected officials accountable and demand for an end to the oppression of our LGBTQ Muslim siblings, it’d be now. Timestamp: October 3rd, 2017, 17:20 EST.

spuriusbrocoli: annabethchasy: important!! This is happening. (BBC link.) And the inciting incident? There was a concert in Cairo by the Le...