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Ass, Beautiful, and Bitch: This is the start of a beautiful thing. Say something nice, or share a cat fact. Today love you. I want to have a good time with you,sexy 6:55 PM More nudes Hey cutie-show me your big penis. I want to stick it in my ass, hehe- Ineed to be punished please push me in the wall Can we do an incest roleplay? You are the stepbrother and I am your eight year old stepsister Here are my nudes- And choke me 2 ihy? Fuck me til l pass out,daddy-hehe Sits on your face* Eat my ass, hehe ROOTIN-TOOTIN-PUTIN 7:.01 PM Send memes,not nudes. 7:02PM Comment Have my nudes, sexy boy!! eyes Hdid It didn't send Please tell me I'm pretty. ROOTIN-TOOTIN-PUTIN 712 PM ROOTIN-TOOTIN-PUTIN 8:14 PM Oh mein Gott it's a thot Incest is gross. I don't want to do this roleplay. 7:15 PM And plus I'm not that good at roleplaying. Hehe, I know you're masturbating to me, naughty boy- 8:17 PM 7:57 PM (Well let's just go straight into the smutty part, maybe you'll know what to do then. A) Let's start the roleplay walk in your room* B-big bwother? I c-can't sweep.. 8:27 PM You grab me and kiss me There, a goodnight kiss *I blush and kiss you back Here's your goodnight kiss too, bwother- *You get an erection and think <no.. this isn't good. I shouldn't be feeling this way about my sister..> *I touch your bulge* What's this, bwother-? *I rub harder* *You moan* S-stop that, sis.. I giggle* It's huge, hehe.. You pin me down to the bed and you kiss my neck. You kiss me lower and lower before you reach my little kid vagina. You rip my pants and panties and lick my clit* then you...? ROOTIN-TOOTIN-PUTIN 8:02 PM You can't sweep? Why that's easy! All you have to do is get a broom and a dustpan and move the garbage towards the dustpan. Eleri-the-QT 8:.03 PM (I mean sleep..) ROOTIN-TOOTIN-PUTIN 8:04 PM (Well how am I supposed to know? Sleep and sweep are two different things.) ROOTIN-TOOTIN-PUTIN 8:36 PM 8:05 PM *Wakes up in a cold sweat and calls my twin brother, Kris* DUDE I JUST HAD THE MOST FUCKED UP DREAM. It was disgusting! (Nvm lets get back to the roleplay) I can't sleep, big bwother.. ROOTIN-TOOTIN-PUTIN 8:08 PM 8:41 PM TAKE SOME FUCKING SLEEP MEDICINE YOU STUPID BITCH *smacks you to the floor* DON'T WAKE ME UP EVER AGAIN!! Goes back to sleep* Goodbye virgin. 8:10 PM ROOTIN-TOOTIN-PUTIN 8:43 PM (Are you kidding me? Why aren't you taking this seriously.) STAN LOONA! PM 8:47 Goodbye👏🏻virgin👏🏻