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Meanwhile in a strange alternate universe: The Jet Pose The Beta Sluch The Chet Stance Shitty unkempt hair Doesn't even need clothes, wears them so Normie can keep his GF ABSOLUTELY UNKOWN TO NOT Comfortable intimate eye Susan OCCUR: uses his body language to subtley communicate people how to properly stand in a polite manner, his eyes are so bright that people can't look away, has never sat in his life wide stance to show dominance Shaves his face to avoid Uneven awkward stance contact itchiness, ends up with ingrown hairs whenever he joins a standing group, it tight well fitted clothes ALWAYS HAPPENS: purposely stands as close to as many people as possible, somehow looks everyone directly in the eye, uses his body to sign what he's also saying His clothes are too loose doubles in size from wears undershirts people flocking to him, Out of date high waste pants Improperly tucked shirt Known to occur: will give up his standing spot when someone stands The latest low waste pants freely gives standing advice, it's so effective that Perfectly tucked shirt Wears his waste lower than Tries to stand still and take almost always stands recommended up as little place as possible near alone or at the edge of a group, stares at your body rather than giving eye contact thick thighs from always standing parapalegics can stand again has never gone a day without working out his feet hurt and he prefers sitting Thin soled barefoot boots for maximum No one has ever seen his sock safety and athletic performance doesnt even need socks it is physically impossible for him to stand alone Lol who still wears block Socks showing पर shoes? Meanwhile in a strange alternate universe